Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paris Visit With Invader

A few days ago, SAN boarded the Invader Bus for a guided tour of Paris with the man himself.
With his tiles and ladder, Invader has been working in Paris for over 15 years, his invasion is currently up to #1026 in the city of lights and he's not going to stop anytime soon: "There is a real excitation to invade a city like Paris" says the elusive street artist.

Invader spends his time looking for new spots and to check if any of his pieces have disappeared.
"You have jealous street artists, unhappy owners and when the scar is still visible, I sometime put back the piece up at the same exact location",  he estimates that 40% of the Parisian pieces have been completely destroyed.

The first Paris Invasion Map was printed and released in 1999 with a whopping 164 pieces, and in 2012 if you link all the invasions on a map,  a constellation will appear... Funny fact, with the Montpellier Invasion (Southern France), if you link them all, a final Invader will appear...

Invader starts his work at night, usually from midnight to 8 am and adds an average of 5 pieces per night.  The next day he quickly gets back to snap a few shots which is another long and important process of his work.
"Each new piece is an adventure" says the French artist who will be releasing his new book "Paris Invasion 2.0" in April but check back with us soon for more info..


  1. How to find the map you used for the article ??

  2. Can't wait till the book finally arrives !
    Invader was my first Streetartist I became fan of .

  3. Hi Alex, it was given to us by Invader, we can send you a higher resolution one if you want, just shoot us an email.

    1. Hi,

      I'm from Holland and going next weekend for the weekend tot Paris to a friend.
      Is it possible to get a higher resolution picture of the tour?
      Would love to take the walk.

      David van der Leer
      Rhoon Netherlands.

  4. Hi, that was a nice tour ;))

  5. PA_869 is not on the list : he is just a few meters behind #32
    end can be seen even from a bus ;)