Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zhao "The Chairman" New Print Available March 23rd

Singapore's based artist Zhao will be releasing his first ever screenprint this week, this cool looking Ai Weiwei as Mao print is titled "The Chairman", it's an edition of 41, measures 37x30cm, titled, signed and numbered by the artist.

“I was inspired by how public offices have A3 photos of their leaders, gold framed to be worshipped and reminded that he is the highest high, watching over you. i believe, as a counter move, every art-loving home and office cubicle should hang a picture of Ai Weiwei as Chairman Mao, it should be an image made angrily, in a shoddy, made-in-china mass produced Warholian silkscreen way ­– a method of printmaking which is, coincidentally, the only way I know how to make prints. Serendipity? Sure, why not.” --Zhao

Available HERE March 23rd 11AM GMT for £41 each


  1. You forget, inspired in Andy Warhole!!

  2. sold out. should've could've would've. oh well.