Monday, May 14, 2012

Banksy New Mural In London

Banksy seems to be back in London with this new stencil which can be seen on Turnpike Lane, North London
The piece seems to be denouncing child labor and shows a young exploited kid, hard at work, creating some bunting.
Banksy seems to be just in time for the celebration of Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Jubilee.
Developing story, check back with us soon for more pictures and authenticity's confirmation.

More details are surfacing, located next to "Poundland", this store has been at the centre of controversy after it was revealed two years ago that a seven-year-old boy worked more 100 hours a week in an Indian sweatshop to produce some of its goods.

Pics by Butterfly


  1. Please don't use the term 'Mr B'

  2. As always Banksy's work is on another level entirely.