Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stik New Mural In London (Part II)

After  The Guardian Angel by Marcantonio Francheschini (covered), The Linley Sisters by Thomas Gainsborough has been reinterpreted by Stik.
Over the next few days, more classic painting like Murillo’s Three Boys will be revisited by Stik and spray-painted in his distinctive style onto the streets of Dulwich.
On 20 May 2012 at 2.30pm, as part of Dulwich Festival, there will be a special tour of the works in Dulwich, led by Stik and Ingrid Beazley
If you are in the area, this one can be seen on Court Lane.

Pics by Mary Linley


  1. I watched the creation of this one by Stik last Sunday, it was absolutely amazing to see him in action and how he creates his wonderful Stik figures.

  2. Is it just me that thinks this placement/commission is completely ridiculous ?

  3. no it's not just you rysok as it's bland beyond belief, bizarrely placed in the greenery like it was put there to lure in children and the drab week old mushy pea colour clashes with the Audi on the drive.

    How people can link the term amazing to this is somewhat baffling but then you see the popularity of Bieber and Cowell it seems most people are both easily amused and led.