Thursday, December 13, 2012

DALeast "Adrenaline-S" StreetArtNews Print Release

Edition: 50 (Half Available Online)
Size: 110 x 30 cm
Six layer screen print, hand-stained background by the artist on Somerset White Paper.
Signed And Numbered by DALeast.

£130 + P&P (UK £11 - EU £18 - WORLD £23)


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  1. Glad all you br0's with the backdoor link were able to snag one of these.

  2. I was to slow, snif! Anyone selling this item? Contact me at

  3. confirmed that 18 out of the 25 were "already sold" to the insiders.

    shocking, i know

    1. Hello Phish,

      Sorry that you feel frustrated because you missed out on this release. Half of the edition was available for purchase.
      Nothing was sold to "insiders".
      Thanks again,

  4. Let us take this opportunity to put rumours like the above to bed. 25 prints went on sale. Not 12 (this was the item number), and certainly not seven! Thank you, SAN.