Friday, December 07, 2012

Introducing Fintan Switzer


Fintan Switzer has received much acclaim of late for his very impressive street paintings.

The young Irish artist explains to SAN the motivation behind moving from traditional portraiture to street art.

“After years of painting rather conventional portraits, I wanted to try something new. Considering many of my favorite artists have worked on the street, I figured it was worth a try. I thought it would be a one off kind of thing but there’s something addictive about it. Before I had finished my first piece, I was already planning my second!”

When asked where we can find his recent street paintings:

“Most of my recent street paintings can be found in my hometown of Killarney, Ireland. It’s a pretty small place so they’re quite easy to find. You might have to hop a few walls and be chased by a few dogs but who said viewing art should be a leisurely activity?”

Fintan has titled some of his recent work “Webcam Wars”, “Waltz With The Philistine”, “Hail And Fire” and “Post Oppression Depression”. When asked about the inspiration behind his recent work:

“Conflict and revolution. Obviously it’s quite a broad heading so there are many areas to explore like martyrdom, propaganda, regicide, paranoia and consequentialism to name but a few. All quite heavy subjects so as you can imagine, they’re not exactly pretty little pictures!”

As well as planning a number of new street pieces, Fintan is working on a new body of work which will be sold via his mailing list early next year. Click HERE to join the waiting list. Click HERE for more photos.

"All The King's Canines"

"Webcam Wars"

"Waltz With The Philistine"

"Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"


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