Sunday, January 20, 2013

HuskMitNavn "One Of These Days" Copenhagen New Exhibition Coverage

Danish artist HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) has just opened a new solo exhibition entitled "One of these days" which is now on display at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen.
HuskMitNavn is one of the most significant contemporary street artists from Denmark and he's widely respected for his ability to transit effortlessly between working indoors at gallerys and museums and outdoors on the streets.
Many people really like his characteristic cartoonish style, which are often humorous and colorful - and this show rise to the expectations.
Anyway I had the pleasure to capture a bunch of photos of the show just before the actual opening Friday night and you'll find both installation shots, close-ups of selected pieces and photos of all the new drawings and paintings.
"One of these days" is HuskMitNavn's fifth solo show with V1 Gallery and if you are in this neck of the world the show can be seen through February 16th.

Photos & Text by Henrik Haven 

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