Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ben Slow x Mear One New Mural In Los Angeles, USA

Ben Slow and Mear One recently completed this sweet new collaboration on the streets of Los Angeles, USA.
Bringing together the UK and USA with the terrible twosome of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, a very topical piece obviously with the resent passing of the Iron Lady.
This was painted in just two days and is actually the first mural Mear One has ever painted with brush.
If you stop by Los Angeles, you'll be able to find that piece on Sunset Junction in Silverlake, LA

1 comment:

  1. The Terrible Twosome? USA and UK were never more profitable than under these two AND they ENDED the COLD WAR. Can you get a history book out and put you Weed Pipe away? There should be a mural of how OBAMA is strangling the American people with taxes and regulations and starting WWIII. People who put this art together and those who accept it and enjoy it are true idiots and need to go back to school.