Saturday, August 24, 2013

Colin Van Der Sluijs x Super-A New mural In Heerlen, Netherlands

Street art by Colin Van Der Sluijs in Netherlands.

After three days of work, Colin Van Der Sluijs and Super-A just wrapped up this beautiful piece on the streets of Heerlen, a city in the southeastern Netherlands
The story behind this mural is that back in the days the mine workers would take a little bird down into the mines in Heerlen to track down gas leaks in the tunnels.
If you are stopping by Heerlen, you'll be able to find this mural at the Honigmannstraat.
Take a look at some more shots below and check baci with us soon for more murals from Heerlen including DALeast.

Colin Van Der Sluijs In Heerlen, Netherlands, Close Up

Street Art In Heerlen by Colin Van Der Sluijs, Bird close up

Colin Van Der Sluijs In Heerlen, Netherlands, Angle

Colin Van Der Sluijs at work In Heerlen, Netherlands,

Colin Van Der Sluijs at Work In Heerlen, Netherlands 2

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  1. Wrote a short article about Street Art in Heerlen (I was born there). Will update soon with more info. Hope you don't mind I share this link but I think many of your followers find this interesting!

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