Phlegm and David De La Mano create a new collaboration in Cardiff, Wales

Phlegm and David De La Mano recently teamed up on the streets of Cardiff in South Wales to work on a sweet new collaboration.Both invited to paint for the latest edition of the Empty Walls Festival, the newly formed British-Spanish street art duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive

Aryz paints a new mural in Casablanca, Morocco

While we last heard from him in Lithuania earlier this month, Aryz is now in North Africa where he was invited to paint a big wall on the streets of Casablanca in Morocco. I always thought that the most difficult thing of painting in big formats was too keep the line gesture and the proportions

ROA creates a new mural for PRHBTN in Lexington, Kentucky

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Queretaro, Mexico, ROA has now landed in North America for the fourth edition of the PRHBTN street art festival.Painting on the streets of Lexington in Kentucky, the Belgian artist painted this massive buffalo-skeleton for the locals to enjoy. Sat down, the Buffalo seems to

Banksy paints a new street piece in Folkestone, UK

While we last heard from him this summer for the Glastonbury Festival, Banksy is back with a brand new piece on the streets of Folkestone in the UK.Painted overnight, this brand new stencil piece by the elusive British street artist features an elderly lady, listening to audio museum guide, looking at a plinth, over a

Guido Van Helten paints “Pooŋojorteq” in Nuuk, Greenland

Guido Van Helten just sent us a series of images from his newest street piece which he recently finished somewhere in Nuuk, Greenland.Entitled “Pooŋojorteq”, this portrait of a hunter was painted from an image from East Greenland taken in 1906 as part of a painting, travel documentary project which will be realeased in the future.

Phlegm paints a massive mural for Empty Walls Festival in Cardiff, Wales

Phlegm is currently in South Wales where he just wrapped up this massive mural somewhere on the streets of Cardiff.In town for the newest edition of the Empty Walls Street Art Festival, the British muralist painted this signature artwork which is based on he very old welsh tradition Mari Lwyd.Continue reading for a closer look

Bikismo creates “Handshake”, a new mural in Williamsburg, New York City

Bikismo recently stopped by the lovely New York City where he was invited by Jordan brand and Nike to paint an indoor mural for the release of the new Air Jordan XX9.The Puerto-Rican street artist had enough free time to grace Williamsburg with a striking mural which is entitled “Handshake”. Featuring Bikismo’s photo-realistic technique, this