1010 paints a new optical illusion in Heerlen, Netherlands

While we last heard from him in Poland, 1010 is now in Heerlen, Netherlands where he was invited to paint for the local mural festival “Heerlen Murals”.The globe-trotting muralist spent a few days working on this piece which is featuring one of his colorful three dimensional optical illusions. As usual with 1010, his pieces makes

Borondo paints two giant portraits in Sulitjelma, Norway

Along “The Altar” that you discovered earlier today, Borondo also worked on another impressive piece on the streets of Sulitjelma in Norway for the UpNorth Street Art Festival.Our friend Henrik Haven was on the crime scene to document the creation of this beautiful Borondo’s piece which shows the image of two “mirrored” portraits of a

Remed paints a beautiful new piece in the Swiss Alps

One of the most anticipated works from recently finished Vision Art Festival in Switzerland was the one by Guillaume Alby aka Remed. The French artist spent couple of days working on a building at 2,500m above sea level and creating this beautiful piece. Using his highly stylized floral imagery and typography, he painted this minimalist

Ai WeiWei unveils a new street installation in Örebro, Sweden

The world’s most renowned dissident artist, Ai Weiwei created the site-specific installation “Think Different (How to hang workers’ uniforms)” for the excellent OpenArt 2015. The 300-meter long work is a vivid comment on the harsh working conditions faced by factory workers in China, coupled with their mundane and repetitive tasks.The artwork consists of 375 workers’ uniforms, hanged

Deih paints a massive mural in Sulitjelma, Norway

Along with Borondo and several other artists, Deih was also part of this year’s lineup for the UpNorth Festival which took place on the streets of Sulitjelma, a small town located in Northern Norway.The Spanish street artist went big with this superb mural showing some of his comic-inspired characters combined with some of his unique

“The Altar”, a new mural by Borondo in Sulitjelma, Norway

Borondo recently spent some time in Sulitjelma, Norway where he was invited to create new artworks for the excellent Up North Festival.The festival took place in a small village of Northern Norway. Sulitjelma was from the late 1800s one of the biggest mining communities in Norway. At its top the population was about 3000, but after

Reka reveals a large mural in the Swiss Alps for VAF 15

Our good friend Reka was one of the participants of recently finished Vision Art Festival in Switzerland. Australian-born artist got an opportunity to create his work high in the Swiss Alps, and the finished piece looks impressive in the setting it’s been placed in. Working on a Cry D’ere cable station on 2,000m above sea