Ethos unveils a new mural in Bryne, Norway

While he’s been rather quiet in the last few months, Ethos recently spent some time in Norway where he was invited to paint a large piece on the streets of Bryne.As usual with the Brazilian artist, he quickly worked his way through this massive signature piece which was painted using a minimal color palette. Ethos was

Blu paints a brand new piece in Chiomonte, Italy

While we last heard from him in Campobasso a few days ago, Blu has now reached the the Province of Turin in the Italian region of Piedmont where he just finished working on a brand new piece in the city of Chiomonte.Using Street Art as an act of resistance, Blu came to Chiomonte to support

Ernest Zacharevic unveils a series of new pieces in Singapore

The past few weeks, Ernest Zacharevic has been working with Art students at Singapores ‘Pathlight School’; the first autism-focused school in Singapore working with autism and related disorders, children aged 7-18.This project was to create a series of murals, inspired by the artwork of Pathlight students. The two students selected were Selena, whose whimsical like

Jana & JS paints a new indoor piece in Paris, France for Quai 36

Along several other urban artists, Jana & JS were also part of the “Quai 36” street art project in Paris which saw a bunch of new pieces appearing at Gare Du Nord, one of the city’s busiest train stations.Jana & JS are a street art duo currently based in Austria who specialize in detailed stencil

Gleo and Apaz collaborate on a new mural in Cali, Colombia

While we last heard from her a few days ago in Mexico, Gleo has now reached the shores of Colombia where she teamed up with local artist Apaz to work on a new piece.Painting on the streets of Cali, the newly formed duo painted this large-mural which is now featuring two fantastic creatures coming straight

Remi Rough creates a new mural in Rabat, Morocco

Our buddy Remi Rough recently spent some time in Morocco for the Jidar Toile De Rue Festival which took place on the streets of Rabat.Assisted by YesBee, the British artist quickly wrapped up this large building with some of his signature abstract imagery. A new life for a grey and boring building!Reconvene after the jump

Levalet “Closed Circuit”, a new indoor installation in Paris, France

Paris is booming with Street Art, and one of the biggest train station in the city is now welcoming “Quai 26” which is featuring several pieces on its walls.Levalet was appointed to create a new installation and the result is as usual with the French artist, on point. “Closed Circuit” features some of his signature