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“Contradiction” by Hyuro in Madrid, Spain

Hyuro just sent us a series of nice images from her latest artwork “Contradiction” which was just completed on the streets of Madrid in Spain. This wall speaks about the internal contradictions with which we live, conflicts arising from opposite desires of the relationship that we maintain with things, people and ideas. A constant state

“Elephants” by ROA in Bangkok, Thailand

While we last heard from him in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, ROA is now in Southern Asia where he was invited to create new pieces on the streets of Bangkok in Thailand. After a few days of work, the globe-trotting Belgian street artist created two of his lovely monochrome creatures with these upside-down elephants. In Thailand,

Artist Interview: Nick Walker

Everyone’s favorite “vandal” is back in NYC making trouble again.  The infamous Nick Walker not only has several gigantic murals all over New York City, but recently opened a month long solo show at The Quin Hotel.   The new exhibition curated by DK Johnston includes not only classic Nick Walker imagery, but also featured

“Huemul” by Pastel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our buddy Pastel is back in Buenos Aires where he spent the last few days working on a brand new street piece. As usual with the talented Argentinean muralist, he brought to life some of his signature floral imagery. His work is rooted in historic events and the physical places where they unfolded, developing these as

St+Art India: Never Crew in New Delhi

We continue our ongoing coverage of the excellent St+Art India festival with Never Crew and their latest piece in New Delhi. Never Crew is a duo from Switzerland, composed by Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni.  The two have been collaborating together since 1996 and they work both with two-dimensional and tridimensional, paintings, sculptures and installations. After a few days of

“Shinoya” by Fin DAC in Melbourne, Australia

As mentioned last week, our friend Fin DAC had one final stop on his short Australian tour… this time in Melbourne. He spent 3 days there in the district of Brighton painting another mural that forms part of his ‘Hidden Beauty’ series. The piece entitled ‘Shinoya’ is a return to one of his signature badass,

JUSTKIDS x Bicicleta Sem Freio Limited Edition T-Shirt

For the first time ever, JUSTKIDS is producing a unique limited edition screen-printed t-shirt in collaboration with famed Brazilian Street Artist Bicicleta Sem Freio. Produced by hand at our lab in Italy, these T-shirts are one of a kind and are sporting one of BSF’s iconic images, “Ratcat Dinner”. Bicicleta Sem Freio aka Douglas de Castro