David De La Mano & Santa collaborate on a series of small pieces in Montevideo, Uruguay

David De La Mano just sent us a series of smaller pieces which he just completed as a collaboration with Santa on the streets of Montevideo in Uruguay.While we are used to see David collaborate with his buddy Pablo S. Herrero, its refreshing to see a new take on his black and white silhouettes which

Coverage: Ludo’s Solo Show “Duality” @ NYC’s Castor Gallery

French street artist Ludovic Vernhet “Ludo” is back in NYC with a solo show at Castor Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan featuring all new works.  Ludo filled the upstairs of the gallery with large and small canvases displaying his trademark green and white motifs displaying mash-ups of nature and weapons.  The viewer was

Fran Bosoletti latest street art in Armstrong, Argentina

Constantly busy creating new works around the world, Fran Bosoletti just finished painting this beautiful new piece somewhere on the streets of Armstrong in Argentina.Poetic and eclectic, his works show pictorial elements in which the figure of human body and reflective floral component forcefully emerge and gain the upper hand on reality.Reconvene after the jump

Video: One Day In Banksy’s Dismaland

Our friend Butterfly just sent us her latest production in collaboration with Arte Creative which is a brilliant 30 Minutes Documentary on Banksy Bemusement Park Dismaland which happened in Weston-Super-Mare, UK earlier this year.Dismaland was a temporary art project organised by street artist Banksy, constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England.

Coverage: RESO “Terrains De Je” Artist Residency @ Marrakech’s Jardin Rouge

With the event “Terrains de JE”, which started on October 12th , Jardin Rouge presented several new works and installations by RESO, a key figure of the urban graffiti scene.During his Moroccan escapade the artist used raw materials to model his creation, playing with objects like jute bags, tin cans, old papers… He makes colour

Telmo Miel paints a new mural in Deinze, Belgium

Telmo Miel just finished working on a brand new piece for the Art 17, Beste Buren Project which took place a few days ago in Belgium.Painting on the streets of Deinze, the Dutch duo brought to life some of their surreal photo-realistic imagery with this artwork showing a remixed version of the Queen’s guard and

Conor Harrington & Franco Fasoli “JAZ” collaborate on a large mural in Sao Paulo

Franco Fasoli and Conor Harrington recently completed a huge new mural as part of the O.bra street art Festival which took place in Largo do Arouche on the streets of Sao Paolo in Brazil.The Irish-Argentinean all-star street art duo worked for 10 days straight on this monumental piece which references different conflicts in Latin America;