The Hula blends water and street art in Florida

Sean Yoro aka The Hula just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere in West Palm Beach, Florida. Inspired by being confined into our own boxes, the American street artist once again used water as part of his artwork to create this beautiful piece showing a young woman which seems to be trapped in

“C10H15N”, a new mural by Axel Void in Gainesville, Florida

Axel Void was recently invited in Gainesville, where he was given the chance to beautify the local streets with some of his artwork. Gainesville is considered a college town. The nature of the town has been subjected to the structure of the university campus. In my view, this format impedes the town’s development towards its

Big Bad Wolf – The Jasper Wong Collection

For their first full collection, Big Bad Wolf have compiled a menagerie of items that including a tee, varsity jacket, shorts and a hat. It’s all you need to keep your little one looking cool for the holidays. The designs feature exclusive artwork by acclaimed artist, designer and curator, Jasper Wong. It is all inspired by the

Farid Rueda newest mural in Uruapan, Mexico

  While we last heard from him in lovely Colombia a few days ago, Farid Rueda is back in Mexico where he just finished working on a brand new artwork somewhere on the streets of Uruapan. Entitled “Life Is Not A Trophy”, the Mexican street artist once again created one of his highly vibrant and ultra detailed creatures which

Preview: “CREVE HIVERNALE” Exhibition in Toulouse

On 4 -5- 6 December in Toulouse will open an exhibition called ‘CREVE HIVERNALE / COPS31 / MARKER V’. Located in the ‘Frigo’, 378, route de Launaguet, the show explores notions of homelessness and the migrant crisis that has been affecting Europe. The exhibition features a series of live performances, murals, photos, testimonies, dialogue between habitants,

Fran Bosoletti unveils a new mural in Armstrong, Argentina

Our friend Fran Bosoletti is currently in Argentina where he just finished working on a brand new piece on the streets of Armstrong, a city in the southwest of the province of Santa Fe. Poetic and eclectic, his works show pictorial elements in which the figure of human body and reflective floral component forcefully emerge and

Brandalism: 600 ad takeovers in Paris before the COP21 Climate Conference

Paul Insect Two days before the launch of the UN COP21 Climate Conference, 600 posters were installed by the Brandalism project in outdoor media spaces across Paris. 82 Artists from 19 different countries made artworks to challenge the corporate takeover of COP21 and to reveal the connections between advertising, the promotion of consumerism and climate