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Gleo unveils a new mural in Mexico DF for Constructo Festival

Colombian muralist Gleo is currently in Central America where he was invited to paint on the streets of Mexico DF for the Constructo Street Art Festival.It took about five days for Gleo and his assistant to complete this massive mural showing some of his signature mask-based imagery. A beautiful new addition to the streets of

ECB paints a new mural in Arce, Italy for Memorie Urbane

ECB recently stopped by Italy where he was invited to paint a new mural on the streets of Arce for the latest edition of Memorie Urbane.As usual with the German muralist, he quickly worked his way through this signature monochrome piece showing the portrait of an old woman accompanied by the text “FADMATAFZA”.Continue reading for

Kobra creates “The Bedouin”, its latest piece in Dubai, UAE

UAE is booming with public art and Edoardo Kobra is the latest artist to bring his artwork to the streets of Dubai.Entitled The Bedouin”, the Brazilian street artist painted this 26 meters high by 11 meters wide building which is now featuring one of signature kaleidoscopic portraits. The Bedouin are an Arab ethnocultural group, descended from

Basik unveils “Thauma”, its latest piece in Misterbianco, Italy

Our friend Basik just sent us a series of images after he spent month in Sicily for an artist residency organized by the I ART program. The Italian artist was  located in the town of Misterbianco, very close to mount Etna, where he managed to create a mural on the local auditorium.The piece is called “Thauma

Truly Design unveils “Zeus” a new anamorphic piece in Mulhouse, France

Truly Design are currently in France where they were invited to work on a new piece at the EDF Electropolis Museum in Mulhouse.As usual with the Italian street art crew, they produced an impressive anamorphic artwork showing a massive Zeus, the god of sky and thunder and the ruler of the Olympians of Mount Olympus.Continue reading

Essentials: MADSTEEZ

Having painted extensively on a global scale, American artist MADSTEEZ is a name that rings bells in both realms of art and street culture. Bright colors and rich details are used in his dynamic portraits that became his trademark. MADSTEEZ is almost blind in one eye, capable only of seeing kaleidoscopic swirls of color. His other eye

Sepe and Chazme collaborate on a new mural in Tartu, Estonia

Polish muralists Sepe and Chazme are currently in Tartu, Estonia where they were invited to paint for the Stencibility Street Art Festival.This piece which is entitled “Supilinn 15” was painted as a tribute to two Polish architects and urbanists Jerzy Hryniewiecki and Bogusław Linke.Hit the jump for a closer look at this piece and then