Phlegm creates a new piece in the woods around Sheffield

Few weeks after being back from his last round the world trip and finalizing his upcoming DIY limited edition etching release, Phlegm visited his hometown. Along with seeing the friends and family, London-based artist enjoyined the walks in the nature, but also used the opportunity to create some new unique work.The Green Man piece was

Art Basel ’14: NYCHOS paints a series of new pieces in Miami

NYCHOS is currently in sunny Florida for the upcoming opening of Art Basel 2014 which will be taking place on the streets of Miami next week.As usual with the Austrian street artist, he quickly painted two technically impeccable artworks which are showing the insides of a Panther and a Flamingo..Take a look at more images

David Walker and Jim Vision collaborate on a new portrait in Shoreditch, London

After the successful opening of his solo exhibition in London last week, David Walker hooked up with Jim Vision to work on this new street piece in Shoreditch.The newly formed duo pretty much freestyled this piece out and luckily managed to find nearly two days of dry weather within a grey drenched November week in

Broken Fingaz creates a new mural in Haifa, Israel

Broken Fingaz are currently in their hometown of Haifa in Israel, where they just finished working on a sick new piece.It took two days for the Israelis collective to complete this artwork which talks about their national laws and the fact that the government is trying to convince the citizens that its impossible to live

Art Basel ’14: 2501 unveils a new mural in Miami, USA

Our friend 2501 has landed in Florida for the upcoming Art Basel 2014 event where he just wrapped up a new piece on the streets of sunny Miami.Taking inspiration from the painting by Max Hernst “The Black forest”, this artwork is the first wall which is featuring 2501’s new experimental lines texture.Continue reading for a

Shepard Fairey creates a new piece in Brooklyn to support the new Interpol album

A few days ago on the busy streets of Brooklyn in New York City, Shepard Fairey and his team painted this diptych piece to support the release of the newest Interpol album.The American artist quickly worked his way through this signature piece sporting his usual color palette. EL PINTOR means “the painter” in Spanish but

Ludo creates a new piece on the streets of Hong-Kong

Freshly returned from his trip in China, Ludo just sent us a small series of pictures on his newest street piece somewhere in the busy city of Hong-Kong.As usual with the prolific French street artist, he brought to life some his paster-based green imagery for the locals to enjoy.Hit the jump for another angle on