Aryz paints a large triptych mural in Carballo, Galicia

Right upon his arrival from recent trip to US, Aryz got straight to work in his homeland. In conjunction with Cultural forum Carballo, Galicia, he painted this large mural on the outside of the building.Consisting of tree main parts, this distinctive piece forms a sort of triptych showing some of Aryz’ signature types of works.

Deih unveils a fantastic mural in Istanbul, Turkey

Our friend DEIH has spent the last few days in Turkey where he was invited by the good lads from Mural Istanbul to work on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Istanbul.As usual with the Spanish artist, he brought to life a kick-ass artwork which is featuring his signature comic-based imagery. Bright

Elian & Alexis Diaz collaborate on a new piece in London, UK

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Montreal for Mural Festival, Elian has now landed in Europe where he hooked up with his buddy Alexis Diaz to create a new artwork on the trendy streets of East London.After three days of work on sunny Brick Lane, the Puerto Rican-Argentinean duo delivered

Pastel creates a new mural in Girona, Spain

Francisco Diaz aka Pastel is the latest artist to paint on the streets of Girona in Spain for the Milestone Street Art Project. Painted in the district of “Font de la Polvora”, a gipsy neighborhood where the public space is used as an extension of their homes. The site identity is an important element of his

Madsteez & Hueman collaborate on a new piece in Long Beach, USA

Our friend Madsteez just finished working on a large new piece in Long Beach where he teamed up with Hueman.In town for the first edition of Pow! Wow! Long Beach, the newly formed duo quickly worked their way through this gigantic and impressive mural which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.Hit the jump

Invader brings a series of fresh invasions to the streets of Paris

our buddy Invader is enjoying the Parisian summer in France where he spent a few nights outside to work and install on a bunch of new invasions.The anonymous French artist brought to life some of his signature tiny pixel-based creatures including a two larger-scale pieces featuring a smurf on mushrooms and a cute pixelated-flower.More high

iHeart creates a series of new pieces in Vancouver, Canada

Canadian artist iHeart just sent us a series of brand new images showing his newest street pieces which were created for his street exhibition entitled “#asignoftimes”.Taking place in Vancouver’s Granville Loop Park at the south end of the Granville Street Bridge, iHeart painted a bunch of new signature stencils which are involving social medias, technology