Sego paints a new piece in the city of Oaxaca in Mexico

Our friend Sego recently stopped by the lovely city of Oaxaca where he worked his magic on a brand new piece.One talented artist, two different styles; Sego is the name used for the hyper detailed, organic style in the higher images, while Ovbal is the name used for the lower, abstract style.Hit the jump for

Exhibition: “La Máscara” group show @ San Juan’s C787Studios

Later tonight in San Juan, Puerto Rico, our friends at C787Studios will be opening a new group exhibition entitled “La Máscara”.The exhibition ” La Máscara” (The Mask) is a collective of artists with an incredible domain of concept and manufacture. A gathering of creators with varying artistic concerns and styles. The concept stems from the

Etam Cru paints a huge mural in Rome, Italy

Sainer & Bezt from Etam Cru are currently in Rome for the opening of their first solo show in Italy @ Varsi gallery on 30th of October. During their stay in the city, the Polish artistic duo created this large size mural on a 8 storey building.Painting with no background, using the building’s color and texture as a

Blu creates a large new mural in Rome, Italy

While we last heard from him last month with a tribute to Fabrizio Ceruso, Blu is back in Rome where he just wrapped up this massive new piece.Without any scissor lift and using solely rappelling ropes, the legendary Italian artist painted yet another impressive mural which is showing a cargo boat being assaulted by a

Cyrcle unveils a new piece in Las Vegas with JustKids for Life Is Beautiful

Downtown Las Vegas also welcomed the dougs from Cyrcle which were in town for the second edition of the Life Is Beautiful Festival with JustKids.“Faith, Courage, Power, Growth” is their latest offering to the local gambling community! Bright orange neon and transparent black were used to paint this piece. Another brilliant piece by the Los-Angeles

Escif creates a new mural in Barcelona, Spain for Open Walls Conference

Spanish street art guerillero Escif recently stopped by Barcelona in Spain where he was invited to participate in the Open Walls Conference 2014.Working on a large building, the Valencia-based street artist painted this massive greek pillar made of marble. Another cryptic piece by Escif which could be interoperated in a million different ways.Hit the jump for

Guido Van Helten paints a new mural in Brisbane, Australia

Guido Van Helten recently stopped by his hometown of South Brisbane in Australia where he was invited to paint for the Pillars Project.As usual with the Australian street artist, he spent a few days working on this stunning monochromatic portrait. The content and theme of the work was based on a collaboration with Historian/Artist and