“The Mediterranean Tunnel” by MTO in Malta & Italy

MTO just sent us a series of images from a brilliant intervention he just finished working on in Sliema, Malta and Sapri, Italy.Entitled “The Mediterranean Tunnel”, the French artist brought to life some of his hyper-realistic imagery showing a man entering trough the side of a building in Malta and exiting in Italy. The first

Ron English “Temper Tot”, a new piece in Manhattan, New York City

Ron English spent the last few days on his cherry picker to work on a new piece in Manhattan for The Lisa Project.The American pop-artist brought to life one of his signature “Temper Tot” which is a cheeky play on The Incredible Hulk and a wink to his kids Zephyr and Mars. This new Temper

NeSpoon unveils a new mural in Bobowa, Poland

NeSpoon is currently in Poland where she just finished working on a brand new “bobbin laces” mural somewhere on the streets of Bobowa.Bobbin laces first appeared in Italy and Belgium, next they spread into France, Germany, Spain, England, Slavic countries and all over Europe. In Poland bobbin laces also have a very long tradition. This

In Brief: Dr Love, Vinie, WD, Apitatan

Dr Love We inaugurate “In Brief”, a brand new section here on StreetArtNews which will be featuring a series of different artists and artworks every now and then.Last week-end, Dr Love brought to life a strong piece in Bristol for Upfest which is mixing real moss with stencil. Apitatan was on the island of Santa

Jace creates a Donkey-Kong inspired mural in Paris, France

Paris is booming with Street Art this summer and the newest piece to be born in the city comes from Jace.The Reunion Island-based artist took inspiration from an old-school video game known as Donkey Kong, an arcade game that was Nintendo’s first big hit in North America. It marked the beginning of the Mario series games,

Li Hill creates three new works in Rochester for Wall Therapy

Li Hill was busy this year in Rochester for the Wall Therapy mural festival creating three different works including one gorilla installation. Arriving into town a few days early allowed Li Hill to produce one of his signature wooden installations somewhere in a field in Rochester.  In tune with his previous installations this piece included

“Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia” by JR in Philadelphia

JR recently spent some time in Philadelphia where he was invited by the city’s Mural Arts Program to work his craft on the side of a enormous building.The French artist and his crew created  “Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia”, a giant piece which is a picture of Ibrahim Shah, a Philadelphian who immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan.