“EmptyGram” by Biancoshock and Flecso in Milan, Italy

Biancoshock just sent us some images and a video from his latest collaboration with his friend Flesco that was just created somewhere in Milan, Italy. The duo sent us the following statement about the piece which is entitled “EmptyGram”: Stop adding contents to this digital container and empty it from everything that, in real life,

“V.I.P – Very Important Poverty” by Biancoshock in Tartu, Estonia

Our friend Biancoshock just visited the city of Tartu in Estonia where he worked on several site-specific installations including this one entitled “V.I.P – Very Important Poverty”. In the European Union there are thousands living outside on the streets, locals and also many of whom migrated from other countries just to live in abhorrent conditions – something that has

“Web 0.0” a project by Biancoshock in Civitacampomarano, Italy

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Belgium, Biancoshock is now in Southern Italy where he just finished working on an awesome new project entitled “Web 0.0”. The project was created for CVTA’ Festival in the city of Civitacampomarano, a tiny village in the province of Campobasso with just 400 habitants of

The Crystal Ship: “Ego Washer” by Biancoshock in Oostende, Belgium

Our friend Biancoshock is also in Oostende, Belgium for The Crystal Ship where he just unveiled his first new piece. Curated with Nuart Festival, the Milan-based artist unveiled a brilliant site specific piece which is entitled “Ego Washer”. With this piece, you can wash your Instagram ego whiter than white with the new improved “Ego

“Borderlife” an installation by Biancoshock in Milan

Biancoshock just sent us a series of images from his latest street installations which were created somewhere on the streets of Milan in Italy. This satiric intervention, speaks about the people that are forced to live in very extreme conditions, even migrating to settle inside manholes. Entitled “Borderlife”, these pieces were inspired by Bucharest, a city where over

Fra.Biancoshock unveils “24/7”, a new urban installation in Gaeta, Italy

Our friend Fra.Biancoshock is currently in Gaeta, Italy where he was invited to work on a new installation for Memorie Urbane ’15.Entitled “24/7”, the installation ironically distorts the concept of “artist-in-residence” and highlights an “intimate” aspect of the urban artist’s life, an apparently fascinating, itinerant and exciting life that involves sacrifices in relationships, friendships and

Artist Interview: Sea Creative

Starting from 2000, Sea released his flat colorful characters on the streets of Europe and in fascinating abandoned sites across Italy. His linear full-detailed style goes beyond real imagery, stretching to graphic design and experimentation. Those “big eyes” figures rise from a flat background where the words stop being meaningful in order to become decorative

The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of April 2016

April was a prolific month for Street Art murals and Installations which spawned all over the world with some pretty interesting works. The first spot for April goes to Pøbel and his “Mute Trump” stencil that was illegally painted on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Runner up is our friend Biancoshock and his conceptual work

The Crystal Ship: ROA in Oostende, Belgium

The Crystal Ship Festival is kicking off on the streets of Ostend, Belgium where our buddy ROA just finished working on a rad new piece. The famed Belgian muralist spent a few days up high on his cherry picker to create this beautiful and impressive artwork showing some of his adorable monochrome creatures. The piece shows a

Artist Interview: OAKOAK

The French artist OakoAK has become popular with some of the smartest paper works on the streets of Saint Etienne and in several cities around France. We reached him for a quick chat about his beautiful ephemeral compositions and his way of intending street art.  Hello OAKOAK, in the hype Street Art World, full of