“I love” by Ches in Moscow, Russia

Ches just sent us some images of his new piece on the streets of Moscow in Russia. It has an illusion that someone wrote “I love you!” with a lipstick on a piece of paper, then crumbled and thrown later on to be stuck on a wall with some tape. Have a look below for more

Banksy and the Spanish Lap Dancing Club

Like all careers of note, there’s always a starting point. An apprenticeship of sorts learning the tools of their chosen trade, far away from the bright lights and big bank balances that come later on as a by-product of fame. And in the art world, that can mean years developing their craft, one where talent

“Recycling Kingdom” by Rustam Qbic in Napier, New Zealand

Rustam Qbic recently finished his latest large scale mural titled “Recycling Kingdom”, for Seawalls Projects by Pangeaseed Foundation in Napier, New Zealand. Slightly stepping away from his signature imagery and color palette, Rusian artist painted an environmentally focused image that is paying tribute to human’s relationship and dependence on our oceans. Using spray paint and acrylic

Artist Interview: Martin Whatson

Norwegian Martin Whatson has a continuous urge to search for beauty in what is commonly dismissed as ugly, out of style or simply left behind. He looks for inspirations in people, city landscapes, old buildings, graffiti, posters and decaying walls. His interest for decay has developed his style, creating either unity or conflict between materials,

New Works by Pejac in Rijeka, Croatia

Pejac doesn’t really fit under the classic label of a street artist and is not trying to be one, yet every time he creates new public pieces he pushes the limits of the movement. And the 3 new works he recently produced in Rijeka, Croatia, during his 2 weeks residency with Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art are perfect

“Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)” by Sebas Velasco in Warsaw

Sebas Velasco recently spent some time in Poland painting a great piece in the Praga neighborhood of Warsaw. Titled “Warszawa Wschodnia (Eastern Warsaw)” this figurative mural is a typical example of his signature mix between portraiture and local, almost exclusively night time elements. Working on an old crumbling building, Spanish artist created an impressive piece

Norway’s NuArt Festival Outdoor exhibition recap 2016

The 16th edition of the Nuart festival in Stavanger officially kicked off last Saturday, September 10, with the opening of an amazing Post-Street Art group show at the legendary art venue Tou Scene (covered). This year’s festival counted with the participation of internationally renowned artists like Add Fuel (PT), Axel Void (US), Evol (DE), Fintan Magee (AU),

Daan Botlek’s New Pieces For IPIHAN 6

Dutch artist Daan Botlek recently rounded up another edition of an independent art project that hes been running for 6 years with other befriended artists. “If Paradise Is Half As Nice” (IPIHAN) is a self-initiated art project focused on making art in abandoned buildings, and this year it took place in the beautiful Polygraph building

“Explorare Necesse Est” by Sebas Velasco in Rijeka, Croatia

After Ukraine and Italy, Sebas Velasco recently stopped in Rijeka, Croatia, where he painted another signature mural mixing portraiture and night time cityscape. Invited by the local Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Spanish artist made his contribution to their ongoing program focused on revitalizing former industrial hot spots of the city through public art.

“El Abrazo del Sosiego” By Ana Maria in Kiev

Our friend Ana Maria recently spent some time in Kiev, Ukraine, working on her large piece for the ArtUnitedUs project curated by Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva and Waone Interesni Kazki. On a beautiful brickwall building she created “El Abrazo del Sosiego” (Embrace of Peace), in hope that it brings color and calm to the city and the many people

Artist Interview: Ernest Zacharevic

Experimentation lies at the heart of ZACH’s style, with the only constant being the dedication to his ever-changing concepts. He removes the restriction of artistic boundaries, moving freely between the disciplines of oil painting, stencil and spray, installation and sculpture; producing dynamic compositions both inside and outside of the gallery space. Take a break and

Pure Evil Interview & Opening at The Quin Hotel NYC

Charley Edwards AKA “Pure Evil” is back in NYC with a solo show as part of the artists’s in residence series at The Quin Hotel.  Curated by DK Johnston the residency has featured the likes of Nick Walker, ASVP, & Blek Le Rat previously.  Pure Evil channeled his inner Warhol to create a body of

Waone from Interesni Kazki in Varkala, India

After painting large colorful murals all over the globe, Waone from Interesni Kazki finally got around to turning one of his dreams into reality – painting a black and white mural. As a big fan of ancient engravings, Ukrainian artist wanted to do a large line based piece for over 4 years. And during his recent

Sebas Velasco & Dulk collaborate in Torreblanca, Spain

Old friends Sebas Velasco and Dulk, recently joined their brushes and cans to create a large new collaboration mural in Torreblanca, Spain. Invited over as a part of the local Museum unfinished art urban (MIAU) and Department of Culture’s public art program, the two artists finished their newest piece over the weekend. Painting on a

PA_1189 & PA_1190 by Invader in Paris, France

While we last heard from him in Clermont-Ferrand, Invader has returned on the streets of Paris where he recently finished these massive invasions. Labelled as the 1189th and 1190th invasions in Paris, the elusive French artist brought to life these large pixelated renditions of Daffy Duck and Princess Leia from Star Wars. Created using mosaic,