Video: One Day In Banksy’s Dismaland

Our friend Butterfly just sent us her latest production in collaboration with Arte Creative which is a brilliant 30 Minutes Documentary on Banksy Bemusement Park Dismaland which happened in Weston-Super-Mare, UK earlier this year.Dismaland was a temporary art project organised by street artist Banksy, constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England.

Banksy unveils a new installation at Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare

Earlier today, the elusive British street artist Banksy added a brand new installation to his popular theme park “Dismaland Bemusement Park” which opened last week at the Tropicana in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.Still playing around the Disney theme, Banksy created a fiber-glass sculpture showing the silhouette of Mickey Mouse inside the stomach of a huge snake.Continue reading for

Video: Banksy “Dismaland” Trailer

Earlier today, British phenomenon Banksy released a trailer video for his newly opened theme park “Dismaland Bemusement Park”. The trailer shows Banksy’s humorous view of a traditional family day out, from the home boringness to the wonderful world of Dismaland. A must see!Dismaland has opened last week at the Tropicana in Weston-Super-Mare, UK where several

Banksy unveils a series of installations for Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare, UK

While you discovered his latest mural earlier today, Banksy also worked and produced several installations for the opening of “Dismaland Bemusement Park” in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.Banksy described the show as a “family theme park unsuitable for children” and that it “offers an escape from mindless escapism”.The elusive British artist created some mind-boggling works such as a killer

Banksy creates a new piece in Weston-Super-Mare, UK for Dismaland

“Dismaland Bemusement Park” has now opened its doors for a lucky few and we are able to bring you exclusively the first images from some of the Banksy‘s new works.Within the park, several new artworks are on display including this brilliant new stenciled piece by the one and only Banksy. The anonymous British artist created

Upcoming: Banksy “Dismaland” Pop-Up Exhibition @ Weston-Super-Mare

Rumors have been circulating around the internet for a few days, but later this week Banksy is now set to open a new pop-up exhibition entitled “Dismaland” at in Weston-Super-Mare, UK.The venue is called “Tropicana”, a 10,200-square-foot site to be transformed into “Dismaland”, a probable attack on American entertainment giant Disney.This isn’t the first time

Banksy unveils a new series of pieces in Gaza, Palestine

After teasing us with a single shot on Instagram earlier this morning (GMT time), Banksy finally revealed the location of the first piece which is Gaza in Palestine. Inspired by a sculpture of Niobe, a Greek mythological figure, the first piece is entitled “Bomb Damage” and obviously with Banksy, the placement is just on point.

Tilt “Panic Banksy Room”, new indoor installation in Christchurch, New Zealand

Tilt is currently in New Zealand where he was invited to work on a new indoor piece in the city of Christchurch.The panic room is entitled ‘From Rags to Riches’ because with the 22 Banksy‘s on the White half, the titles becomes pretty obvious.The Banksy collection is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and are

Banksy paints “The Girl With Pierced Eardrum” at the Dockside Studios in Bristol, UK

After some amazing pieces a few days ago, the legendary Banksy is once again back with a brand new piece and a fantastic placement which just appeared at the Dockside Studios in Bristol, UK.Entitled “The Girl With Pierced Eardrum”, the mysterious British street artist just unveiled this new piece which is inspired by Jan Vermeer’s

Banksy paints a new piece in Clacton-on-Sea, UK

After the Art Buff piece we discovered a few days ago in Falkestone, Banksy just unveiled yet another new street piece in the UK. Could it be the beginning of a BOTI in the UK?Painted on the streets of Calcton-On-Sea, the British artist just dropped this amazing stencil which could be dubbed “Pigeons”. As usual

Banksy paints a new street piece in Folkestone, UK

While we last heard from him this summer for the Glastonbury Festival, Banksy is back with a brand new piece on the streets of Folkestone in the UK.Painted overnight, this brand new stencil piece by the elusive British street artist features an elderly lady, listening to audio museum guide, looking at a plinth, over a

Ludo New Pieces For Glastonbury Festival 2014 – UK

While you were reading about Banksy‘s “Sirens of The Lambs” installation @ Glastonbury, Ludo was at the festival site as well, working on his fake billboard ads. Mixing the ideas from George Orwell’s “1984” and the superabundance of messages, with a contemporary nonsense use of aesthetic visuals to sell random goods, he created these 2

Banksy “Sirens Of The Lambs” For Glastonbury 2014 – UK

Earlier today, Banksy brought his NYC “Sirens Of The Lambs” meat truck, stuffed with farmyard animals to Glastonbury Festival. “Sirens Of The Lambs” was first seen on the streets of New York City last year driving through the meatpacking district during Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” residency in the city.The British street artist has this

Banksy “Better Out Than In – The Movie”

The Elusive British street artist Banksy just announced “Better Out Than In – The Movie” via a simple screenshot used in his most recent website update that was made live just a few minutes.We can expect the almost 3 minutes long trailer to hit YouTube in the coming days as we will sure hear more

Banksy Mr Brainwash Oscars 2011 Nominated for Exit Through The Gift Shop

Results just came in! Banksy ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ has been chosen by the Oscar Academy  to be the final Top 5! Great news for Banksy, Mr Brainwash  and the whole ETTGS’ crew. Will Banksy or Mr Brainwash shows up on stage if ETTGS wins the Oscar? See you this Sunday, for the final