Ben Slow and Carl Cashman collaborate on a new piece in East London, UK

A few days ago, Ben Slow and Carl Cashman teamed up on the grey streets of London to work on this new colorful collaboration around Shoreditch.The newly formed British street art duo dropped this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.More images are awaiting for your click below and if you

Ben Slow New Mural For ViaVai – Casarano, Italy

Ben Slow was also invited by the good lads from the ViaVai Street Art Festival to paint on the streets of Casarano in Italy.The London-based muralist spent a few days to paint this striking portrait of a man for the local residents to enjoy.Continue reading for more images on this new piece and keep your

Ben Slow New Mural – Vitry, France

London-based artist Ben Slow was recently invited to paint by C215 in the city of Vitry, a small town in the suburb of Paris, France.The British street artist spent a few days working on this pair of hyper-realistic eyes against a yellow and red background that really pops.Hit the jump for more images and as