Blu creates a fantastic mural at Casa Dei Pazzi in Rome, Italy

After a rather long break, Blu is back in Italy with a fantastic new piece of work which was just completed on the streets of Rome.Painting without a lift using a rope and rappelling against the wall, the Italian artist painted his disastrous vision and evolution of the anthropocene period. As usual with Blu, it’s

Blu paints a new mural in Campobasso, Italy

While we last heard from him a few weeks ago in Germany, Blu is now back in Italy where he was invited to work on a new piece for the Draw The Line Festival.Painting on the streets of Campobasso, it took six days for the legendary painter to complete this impressive piece. Located in a

Blu creates a new mural in Munich, Germany for Positive Propaganda

While we last heard from him in Mexico DF, Blu is now back in Europe where he just finished working on a brand new piece in Munich, Germany.Invited by the good lads from Positive Propaganda, the Italian maestro quickly worked his way through this awesome piece. The artwork shows a small man whom with his

Blu creates a powerful piece in Mexico DF for ManifestoMX

After a quick but awesome piece in Bolivia, Blu is now in Mexico where he was invited by Fifty24MX to work on a new piece in Mexico DF for the ManifestoMX Street Art Festival.As usual with the legendary Italian artist, the result is quite intense and epic. Blu and his artwork is sending a strong

Blu paints a new piece in Sucre, Bolivia

Our friend Blu is currently touring through sunny South America where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Sucre in Bolivia.As usual with the popular Italian artist, he delivers once again a powerful artwork in his signature style. The piece shows a hand holding a balance which is

Blu unveils a majestic mural on Via Del Porto Fluviale in Rome, Italy

While we brought you some exclusive pictures over a year ago (covered), Blu has finally wrapped up his newest piece on the streets of Rome.Two years in the making, the Italian artist painted this largest and most complex piece to date with this majestic mural showing a series of heads. As usual with the Italian

Blu creates a large new mural in Rome, Italy

While we last heard from him last month with a tribute to Fabrizio Ceruso, Blu is back in Rome where he just wrapped up this massive new piece.Without any scissor lift and using solely rappelling ropes, the legendary Italian artist painted yet another impressive mural which is showing a cargo boat being assaulted by a

Blu creates a tribute mural to Fabrizio Ceruso in Rome, Italy

While we last heard from him last month in Sardinia, Blu is back in Rome where he recently finished working on this brilliant new piece.This piece is telling the story of a dramatic episode which occurred in the San Basilio neighborhood (in the suburbs of Rome). In September of 1974, a militant of the extreme

Blu New Mural – Sardinia, Italy

Our friend Blu spent the last few days working hard on this massive building somewhere on the lovely island of Sardinia in Italy.The legendary Italian street artist dropped yet another strong piece which is showing a bunch of reversed Army Men / Plastic Soldiers. Army men, or plastic soldiers, are simple toy soldiers that are about