Recap: Pow! Wow! Tokyo 2015

POW! WOW!, is a gathering of contemporary artists who engage with the broader community through the process and creation of art, has recently expended to Asia with a new tour date which just happened on the streets of Tokyo in Japan.POW! WOW! Japan was centered in Tokyo with over a dozen murals being created simultaneously

Case unveils a new piece in Jersey City, USA

The Bushwick Collective and Manacontemporary recently joined forces to bring over our buddy Case Ma’Claim on the streets of Jersey City.The German street artist was given the opportunity to work his magic on the side a huge building located downtown. After a few days of work Case unveiled this brilliant piece showing some of his

Case Maclaim’s return to the Bushwick Collective in New York City

Case Maclaim is back in NYC and his first stop was in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The German Street Artist has painted several times in The Bushwick Collective including his amazing collaboration with Pixel Pancho from last year’s block party. This time around the master of “Perspective Based Realism” painted a beautiful, faceless couple embracing each other.

Case Ma’Claim & Alexis Diaz collaborate on a new piece in Berlin, Germany

Our friends at Urban Nation just got together Alexis Diaz and Case Ma’Claim to collaborate on a new piece for the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin, Germany.After a few days of intense work, the newly formed German-Puerto Rican duo unveiled a fantastic collaboration which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. The mural is entitled

“Segregation”, a powerful mural by Case in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

Case recently stopped by the town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Eastern Germany where he was given the opportunity to work on a new piece.Entitled “Segregation”, the German muralist brought to life this superb hyper-realistic piece showing the hand of a person holding a book.Its located in the town’s centre, close to the All Saints’ Church where

Case Ma’Claim & Does LoveLetters collaborate in The Hague, Netherlands

Last week in The Hague, Netherlands, Case Ma’Claim and Does LoveLetters joined forces to work on a new piece for the ILH Festival.The newly formed duo worked their way through two separated pieces which are now sporting an incredible piece of work. The piece is showing what seems to be two Greek statues combined with

Case Ma’Claim unveils a new mural in Berlin, Germany

Case Ma’Claim recently stopped by the lovely city of Berlin in Germany where he managed to link up with the good lads from Urban Nation.The German artist spent a few hours working on this quick mural in the Kreuzberg district close to Urban Nation’s HQ. As usual with Case, he brought to life a signature

Case reveals a brand new mural in Valmontone, Italy for Memorie Urbane ’15

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Los Angeles, Case Ma’Claim is now back in Europe where he just finished working on a new mural for Memorie Urbane ’15.Painting on the streets of Valmontone, the German muralist once again created a super-sized piece which is showing two hands holding what seems to

Case Ma’Claim brings new pieces to the streets of Los Angeles, USA

Our friend Case Ma’Claim recently stopped by the city of Los Angeles where he was invited by Do Art Foundation to work on a series of new pieces.The German artist spent a few days working up high on his cherry picker to create these large-scale murals showing some of his signature hyper-realistic hand-based imagery.The idea

Case Ma’Claim paints a new series of pieces in Hawaii

After participating in the excellent Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015 on the streets of Honolulu, Case Ma’Claim took the opportunity and time to visit the other Hawaiian islands such as O’Ahu.As usual with the German street artist, he quickly worked his way through some of his signature hyper-realistic hand-based imagery which is sure to be enjoyed

Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015: Case Ma’Claim & Smithe collaborate on a mural for PangeaSeed

We continue our ongoing coverage of Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015 with a stunning mural produced by Case Ma’Claim and Smithe. Painting on the streets of Honolulu for the excellent PangeaSeed project, the German-Mexican dunno spent a few days working under the intense heat to create this amazing piece which is now featuring each artist’s distinctive

Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015: Work in progress by Case Ma’Claim and Smithe

We continue our ongoing coverage of Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015 in Kaka’Ako, Honolulu with a brand new collaboration going up by Case Ma’Claim and Smithe.Working under the intense heat, the newly formed German-Mexican duo is combining their skills to work on this massive piece which is already featuring some of their signature’s imagery.Continue reading for

Art Basel ’14: Case Ma’Claim unveils a second mural in Wynwood, Miami

While you discovered his first piece at Wynwood Walls a few days ago, Case spent some more time in Miami where he just finished working on this second artwork.This piece is dedicated to a female student named Tugce Albayrak. She was beaten to death by two guys. Just because she tried to stop those guys

Art Basel ’14: Case Ma’Claim paints a new mural at Wynwood Walls in Miami

We continue our ongoing Art Basel Miami coverage with Case Ma’Claim and this brand new piece which was just completed at the Wynwood Walls.Before starting his “big” wall, the German artist quickly worked his way through this beautiful piece which once again shows his impeccable aerosol technique. Stunning.Continue reading for more angles on this artwork

Case creates a new indoor piece in Basel, Switzerland

Case from the Ma’Claim crew recently stopped by the lovely city of Basel in Switzerland where he managed to paint another striking piece.In town with his friend Robin and Smash137, the German artist quickly worked his way through this hyper-realistic pair of hands. A favorite of his!Hit the jump for a closer look at this