Decertor paints a new mural in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru

Decertor just wrapped up a brand new piece in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru for the first edition of the “Vive Nuevo Chimbote Mural Festival”.It took just a few days for the Peruvian street artist to create this signature artwork which talks about the ecological biodiversity.Take a look at more extra images after the break and then

El Decertor unveils “Illusion”, a new street piece in Miralores, Lima

El Decertor is back in the Miraflores district of Lima in Peru where he just wrapped up a brand new piece entitled “Illusion”As usual with the Peruvian street artist and his impeccable technique, he painted a piece which is featuring some of his folk-inspired South American imagery.Reconvene after the jump for more images on this

Decertor paints a new mural in Temuco, Chile

El Decertor was recently invited to paint for the festival Mixtyle which was held in the city of Temuco in Chile.This vibrant piece talks about Ethnical mix in the region with Araucanian Mapuche which are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile. Once again, El Decertor displays a brilliant and impeccable technique.Reconvene after the

El Decertor paints “Climatic Utopia”, his new mural on the streets of Lima in Peru

Our friend El Decertor is back in his hometown of Lima in Peru where he spent a few days working on this new street piece.The Peruvian artist and his impeccable technique once again dropped an impressive mural which is entitled “Climatic Utopia”. As usual with El Decertor, he voices his concerns about the climatic changes

El Decertor New Mural – El Tambo, Peru

Our friend, El Decertor spent the last few days in the region of Huancayo in Peru where he worked on this beautiful mural in the city of El Tambu which you will be able to find on calles La Merced y Libertad.As usual with the Peruvian artist, he painted this large scale artwork featuring some of

Coverage: Inti x Jaz x Saner “Barocco Mestizo” @ Montana Barcelona

Montana Gallery Barcelona recently opened a group exhibition Barroco Mestizo featuring three South American artists, each representing different country – Inti (Chile), Jaz (Argentina), Saner (Mexico) and El Decertor (Peru).For this show each artist created three pieces with an interesting and provocative idea based on the letter of the 16th century. It was a common practice