Elian paints a new mural in Brussels for Nuit Blanche

Brussels recently hosted their Nuit Blanche and our friend Elian Chali was invited to paint a mural for the event.  Coordinated by Energy Cities, the Argentinian artist painted an abstract, geo-based piece titled “Dark Perimeter / Basic Primary Shapes”.Using acrylic paint on concrete facade, the finished mural measures 8x7mts, and here is what artist has

Elian unveils “Curves / Surface / Pause“ in Milan, Italy

Elian recently spent some time in Italy where he was given the opportunity to work on a new piece somewhere on the streets of Milan.This mural installation is based on the contrast between the rigidity of the Building and morphological elements of the work.With curved large invading the entire surface, Elian tries to break the

“Public Essay of Opacity”, a new mural by Elian in Cordoba, Argentina

Our buddy Elian is back in South America where he just finished working on a brand new abstract piece on the streets of Cordoba in Argentina.Entitled “Public Essay of Opacity”, this project was coordinated by the Architects Pablo Bisio, and Esteban Bondone and was painted at the UCC University of Architecture. This is my first experience

Elian creates a new mural in Gaeta for Memorie Urbane ’15

While we last heard from him a few days ago in London, Elian has now landed in Italy where he just finished working on a brand new piece.Invited by Memorie Urbane ’15, the Argentinean muralist spent a few days working on one of his signature abstract artworks for the locals to enjoy. As usual with

Elian & Alexis Diaz collaborate on a new piece in London, UK

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Montreal for Mural Festival, Elian has now landed in Europe where he hooked up with his buddy Alexis Diaz to create a new artwork on the trendy streets of East London.After three days of work on sunny Brick Lane, the Puerto Rican-Argentinean duo delivered

Mural ’15: Elian unveils a new piece on the streets of Montreal, Canada

Elian is also in Montreal, Canada where he just finished working on a large new piece for the excellent Mural Festival 2015.After a week of work, the Argentinean street artist painted yet another subtle and accomplished abstract mural. Elian explores 2D and 3D forms, colours and the potential for interaction through transparency. This sure will

Elian paints “Repeating Shapes”, a new mural in Perth, Australia

Elian is currently in Australia for the latest edition of Public ’15 where he was invited to paint a new piece on the streets of Perth.This new work entitled “Repeating Shapres” belongs to the series of paintings inspired by the walls’ shape. In this case, the architecture has been highlighted through the shade, seeks to