“To Break A Plate For Greece”, Escif latest mural in Tommarp, Sweden

Escif just sent us some fresh images from his latest street work / experiment which just took place on the streets of Tommarp in Sweden. The Spanish artist sent us the following statement with the pictures which explains his idea behind the piece. Historians are not agreeing on where the Greek tradition of breaking plates comes

Escif paints an interesting new mural in Madrid

In the mids of working on his upcoming new book, Escif recently painted this new interesting mural somewhere on the streets of Madrid. Known for incorporating elements of life and culture from the surrounding he works in, Spanish artist decided to show whats inside of the building by painting it on the outside facade. As

Escif launched a fundraiser campaing for a new book

Escif just launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help finance the release of his upcoming solo book. He has been working on this project for the last few months and the book will be showing the last 5 years of his work including murals, sketches, drawings, ideas, feelings, recipes, deep secrets and everyday life thoughts.The

Escif creates a new mural in Barcelona, Spain for Open Walls Conference

Spanish street art guerillero Escif recently stopped by Barcelona in Spain where he was invited to participate in the Open Walls Conference 2014.Working on a large building, the Valencia-based street artist painted this massive greek pillar made of marble. Another cryptic piece by Escif which could be interoperated in a million different ways.Hit the jump for

Escif paints “Casus Belli” on the streets of Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Street Art guerillero Escif is currently in Russia where he was invited to take part in the Casus Pacis project on the streets of the lovely Saint-Petersburg.As usual with the Spanish street artist, he worked on a uber simple concept with a minimal colour palette and great use of space.The Spanish artist once again worked

Escif paints “Karma” on the streets of Kronstadt in Russia

Street art guerillero Escif is currently working g on the streets of Kronstadt in Russia where he just dropped this brilliant new piece entitled “Karma”.As usual with the Spanish street artist, he worked on a uber simple concept with a minimal colour palette and great use of space.Continue reading for another look at “Karma” and

Escif “Hang-Over” New Mural In Stavanger, Norway

Spanish artist Escif arrived in Norway for the Nuart Festival 2011, he painted this new piece titled “Hang-Over”.Escif is pretty much the most interesting graffiti artist in the world right now and he painted some sick pieces this summer, check it out here Pics By Nuart