Ever paints a large mural in Harlem, New York City

Ever was also part of this year’s line-up for Monument Art which took place on the busy streets of Harlem in New York City.“The second conquest” is a piece that reflects reality, future and progress. The three characters describe the American reality, their new skin, new protagonists. Based on photos taken by Martha Cooper in

“Identity”, Ever & Smithe collaborate on a new mural in Mexico City

Ever & Smithe recently joined forces to create a new piece on the streets of the always very busy Mexico City.It is a collaborative work in which two artists reflect on the idea of belonging and by inhabiting this concept, they created a mural. The variety of bodies floating, trying to live and coexist with

“Metaphor For Freedom”, a new mural by Ever in Tijuana, Mexico

Our amigo Ever has now landed in the lovely city of Tijuana where he just finished working on a brand new piece.The Argentinean artist sent along the following description to describe his newest piece of work: When I got to Tijuana I looked up and stared at the clouds, then at the birds, hopping from

SeaWalls ’15: Ever creates a new mural in Cozumel, Mexico

While you discovered some exclusive progress shots a few days ago, Ever has now wrapped up his first piece for PangeaSeed and SeaWalls ’15.Painting on the streets of Cozumel, the Argentinean muralist brought to life this signature piece showing a young woman walking in the water amongst the crops. She is being surrounded by a

SeaWalls ’15: Work In Progress by Ever in Cozumel, Mexico

While we last heard from him in Buenos Aires last month, Ever is now also in Mexico painting on the streets of Cozumel.In town for the excellent SeaWalls ’15 organized by PangeaSeed to raise awareness on the preservation of our oceans, the Argentinean muralist already spent four days working on this large depiction of a

Ever paints a new mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ever just sent us some exclusive images of his newest mural which he just completed on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina.“Three phases of faith” is a wall that is located near the Basilica of Luján, place of religious meeting. People for all over Argentina pass by the Basilica during the pilgrimage. The Wall

Coverage: “头部 (The Head)”, a solo show by Ever in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Earlier this month in Buenos Aires, our friend Ever opened his latest solo exhibition at Laboratorio de Festival with the good lads from Dinamica.As usual with the Argentinean artist, he didn’t disappoint with an impressive and surprising installation entitled “头部 (The Head)” based on the analysis of Chinese Communist posters.When the posters represent the “idea”, people are