Faith47 unveils a new mural in Papeete, Tahiti

We continue our ongoing coverage from the Ono’U Festival which took place a few days ago on the streets of Papeete in Tahiti.Our friend Faith47 was also on the island where she was given a massive building to work with. The Cape Town-based muralist brought to life some of her signature imagery with this delicate

Faith47 creates “Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem”, a new piece in Johannesburg

While we last heard from her a few weeks ago in Dominican Republic, Faith47 is back in South Africa where she just finished working on this breathtaking artwork on the streets of Johannesburg.Located on the corner of Fox and Rissik street, the piece is entitled “Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem”, a phrase from book

Release: Faith47 Equinox Release “The Hidden Years: Volume Two”

Our friend Faith47 just released the second edition of her collectable series of intimate books and screen prints. “The Hidden Years: Volume Two” is a compilation of photographs taken in the Karoo, Beijing, jerusalem, shanghai, Johannesburg, cape town, london, melun, rochester, Kathmandu, los angeles, miami, durban, Bangkok, Malmö, Antananarivo, madrid, wuhan, rome, Missouri and gaeta. The

Faith47 and Axel Void collaborate on a new piece in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Seems like collaborations are trendy these days! After painting with Alexis Diaz in Miami for Art Basel, Faith47 is now in Dominican Republic where she teamed up with Axel Void to work on a new street piece.In town for the ArteSano Street Art Festival, the newly formed South African – Spanish duo spent a few

Art Basel ’14: Alexis Diaz and Faith47 paint a massive collaboration in Wynwood, Miami

Our friends Alexis Diaz and Faith47 recently teamed up in Wynwood, Miami for the Art Basel Contemporary Art Fair. The newly formed Puerto Rican – South African duo produced this piece for ‘The art of Collaboration’ project at Wynwood Walls. The image reflects on the different layers of sensuality. Eros is the greek god of love

Faith47 paints “Madonna Mia Proteggimi”, a new piece in Rome, Italy

Faith47 recently spent some time in Italy where she was invited by the Outdoor Festival to paint a new piece on the streets of Rome.Entitled “Madonna Mia Proteggimi”, the South African painter dropped this artwork which reflects upon the dangerous passage taken by stowaways in their journey over the oceans to idealized promised lands. Textured

Faith47 New Mural – Los Angeles, USA

Faith47 is currently in California where she was invited by the DoArt Foundation to paint a new piece on the streets of Los Angeles.The South African muralist spent a few days up high on her cherry picker to paint this massive piece which is showing a series of majestic swans in movement.Hit the jump for

Faith47 “Capax Infiniti” New Mural – Portland, USA

After a series of pieces in Durban, South Africa, Faith47 is now in North America where she just wrapped up this new mural for the Forest For The Trees project.Entitled “Capax Infiniti” (“Holding the Infinite” in Latin), the South African muralist painted this beautiful piece showing a ghostly-like woman with her back turned to us.Continue reading

Faith47 New Pieces – Durban, South Africa (Part II)

While she started working on these pieces last July, Faith47 is back in Durban, South Africa where she just wrapped up her sixth piece for the 25th World Congress on Architecture, UIA2014 Durban. Faith was originally introduced to the area by Doung Jahangeer, a Durban artist architect and co-founder of dalacreative.Referring to Warwick triangle she

Faith47 “Hunt Her” New Street Piece – Djerba, Tunisia

While we last heard from her in London last month, Faith47 quickly stopped by Tunisia for the Djerbahood project in the small city of Djerba.The South African street artist quickly painted this beautiful and ghostly Unicorn for the locals to enjoy. The Djerbahood project is organised by Gallery Itinerance.A series of extra images are waiting

Faith47 “Europa And The Winged Bird” New Mural – London, UK

Faith47 recently stopped by Europe where she worked her magic on a new piece on the streets of London, UK.Invited to be a part of the Dulwich Picture Gallery Project in London, she was sAsked to reference an old master painting from the collection. Faith selected Guido Reni’s ‘europa and the bull’  which soon found

Faith47 “Oh The Miracle Of Empty Hands” New Mural – Glasgow, Scotland

Faith47 is currently in Scotland where she just finished working on this new piece which is entitled “Oh The Miralce Of Empty Hands”.Painting on the streets of Glasgow, the South African muralist quickly worked her way through this beautiful piece which is showing one of her signature ghost-like characters. This was painted for the Incommon

Faith47 New Pieces – Durban, South Africa

Faith47 is currently in South Africa where she just finished working on this series of new pieces on the streets of Durban. As part of the cultural programme of the 25th World Congress on Architecture, UIA2014 Durban, South Africa; Faith is painting six walls, on four of the supporting columns of the main freeway overpass adjacent

Faith47 New Mural In Montreal, Canada

Faith47 was recently in Montreal, Canada and while visiting painted a massive portrait of an older woman entitled “Scientia et Labore” (Knowledge and Labour).Made possible by lndmrk, the South African painter delivers a beautiful and subtile mural.See the piece in better detail with us after the click and then check out her other recent pieces here.