DALeast “Persistent Parabola” new mural for Forest For The Trees in Portland, Oregon

DALeast was also invited to paint for the always excellent project Forest For The Trees on the streets of Portland, Oregon.The Chinese street artist worked a few days on this massive piece which is entitled “Persistent Parabola”. The new mural titled “Persistent Parabola”, this is the moment of the wave playing with a cargo ship

Rustam Qbic unveils a new mural in Portland, Oregon

After Switzerland a few days ago, Rustam Qbic is now in North America where he just landed in Portland for the always excellent Forest For The Trees project.After a few days of work, the Russian street artist created this stunning piece showing one of his illustrative characters and his seashell head in a dreamlike landscape.

Curiot New Mural – Portland, Oregon

Along with Faith47, Curiot was also part of this year’s lineup for the excellent Forest For The Trees street art project in Portland, Oregon.As usual with the Mexican muralist, he quickly worked his way through this beautiful and colourful signature piece showing some of his surreal creatures combined with Mexican folklore patterns and masks.Forest For

Nosego New Pieces – Portland, Oregon

Nosego recently spent some time in Portland, Oregon where he was invited to paint for the Forest For The Trees project.The prolific Philly-based artist Yis Goodwin, better known as NoseGo, prettied up the neighbourhood with some of his vibrant signature imagery.Hit the jump for more images on these new pieces and check back in with

Faith47 “Capax Infiniti” New Mural – Portland, USA

After a series of pieces in Durban, South Africa, Faith47 is now in North America where she just wrapped up this new mural for the Forest For The Trees project.Entitled “Capax Infiniti” (“Holding the Infinite” in Latin), the South African muralist painted this beautiful piece showing a ghostly-like woman with her back turned to us.Continue reading