“Roaming In Paradise” a new piece by iNO in Spain

iNO is back in Spain where he was invited by the good lads from the Desordes Creatives Festival to work on a brand new piece.Entitled “Roaming in Paradise”, the Greek street artist painted a large piece which is showing God looking above and focusing on a smartphone.Hit the jump for a bunch of new and

Ino paints a large new mural in Minsk, Belarus

Ino was recently invited by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus to create a mural for a project called “Urban Myths” in Minsk. During only 3 days Greek artist worked on this large new mural titled “Man With No Name”.Painting in a country where death penalty is still in use, art can often have a

“We Have The Power”, a new mural by iNO in Piraeus Port, Greece

Greek visual artist iNO created this mural on the center of Piraeus Port, one of the largest seaports in the Mediteranean sea located in Greece. The artist was interviewed by the National Geographic staff and the mural creation proccedure was filmed for an upcoming documentary. The artwork is entitled “We Have The Power” and is

“Random Future”, a new piece by iNO in Athens, Greece

iNO is back on the streets of Athens in Greece where he just finished working on a brand new piece entitled “Random Future”. The Greek artist sent us the following statement explaining the artwork and its title. In a country that has been financially destroyed by the politicians, the crisis is rising. After the endless

INO creates two pieces in Gaeta, Italy for Memorie Urbane ’15

INO also visited the city of Gaeta in Italy where the Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival is currently taking place.After a few days of work, the Greek artist wrapped up this large new mural. The piece depicts a sliced Ancient Greek Tragedy mask. It was made on an Italian school where they still teach Greek language.

Art Basel ’14: iNO paints “Injustice”, a new mural in Miami, USA

Athens based mural artist INO painted the wall of the known old RC Cola Plant in occasion of the Miami Art Basel 2014. The artist was invited by Wynwood Embassy to do the mural which features a Socrates statue lying down along with a skull.Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher credited as one of the

iNO “Predators” mural for Asalto Festival In Zaragoza, Spain

While we last heard from him last July in his hometown of Athens, iNO is now in Spain where he painted this beautiful piece entitled “Predators”.In town for the Asalto Festival in Zaragoza, the Greek muralist painted this impressive monochrome mural with his signature smoky and loose effect.See more on the “Predators” mural below and

iNO “Wake Up” New Mural – Athens, Greece

iNO spent the last few days working on this massive mural somewhere on the streets of his hometown in Athens, Greece.iNO ‘s mural is based on an image of resurrection, in which god grabs a dead man’s hand and brings him into life. The artwork with a similar depiction criticizes a group of people which are

Frau Isa New Mural – Vienna, Austria

Supported by Inoperable gallery and 7th district Kulturkommission, local artist and the member of the infamous The Weird crew, Frau Isa, recently painted this large mural.No stranger to large scale murals which she created with her crew mates, this is the first time she got to paint an entire one by herself. And the result is truly

INO New Mural – Wiesbaden, Germany

Our friend INO was recently in Germany where he was invited to paint for the Meeting Of Styles in Wiesbaden, a city in southwest Germany and the capital of the federal state of Hesse.The talented Greek muralist quickly worked his way through this “divided” artwork which is featuring his always impeccable technique.Take a look at more