“Hand Labor”, a new mural by INTI in Boras, Sweden

Our buddy INTI is currently in Boras, Sweden where he was invited by the good lads from No Limit Boras.After several days of work on his cherry picker, the Chilean street artist created this beautiful new piece which is entitled “Hand Labor”. Breaking away from his signature imagery, “Hand Labor” brings a new aesthetic to

“Exodus 2”, a new mural by INTI in Saint-Nazaire, France

Our friend INTI is currently in Saint-Nazaire, France where he just finished working on a massive new piece.Entitled “Exodus 2”, this is the second part and end of the trip that began at Rabat, Morocco with the wall Exodus. “Journal”​ of an immigrant from Africa to Europe. (Exodus 1 coverage)As usual with INTI, he delivers

INTI paints “Exodus”, his latest mural in Rabat, Morocco

Our friend INTI was also in North Africa where he was given a monster wall to work his magic and beautify the streets of Rabat in Morocco.The Chilean muralist brought to life a stunning piece which is introducing a never seen before character holding a tiny lamb in its hands.The artist added: “Morocco .. Bridge

INTI paints “Balance”, a massive mural in Delhi, India

INTI is currently in India where he just finished working on yet another massive artworks on the streets of Delhi.This mural, titled ‘balance’, located in the chaotic neighbourhood of khirki extension is a part of the work done in association with St+Art India for St+Art Delhi 2015. This image is a hypothetical mixture of two

INTI creates a new mural in Cali, Colombia

Our friend INTI recently stopped by the city of Cali in Colombia where he was invited to work on a new piece for the “Bienal Internacinoal de Muralismo y Arte Publico”.Working at the Biblioteca de la Escuela “Nuevo Latir”, the Chilean superstar once again worked his magic on this building with this large-scale character holding

INTI paints a new mural on the streets of Mulhouse in France

Our friend INTI is currently in France where he just finished working on this massive piece somewhere on the streets of Mulhouse.In town for the Epistrophe association, the Chilean muralist spent a few days up high on his cherry picker to paint this building. The result is stunning with this vibrant artwork showing one of

INTI “Creed” New Mural For HRLN 2014 – Heerlen, Netherlands

While we last heard from him earlier this Summer in Ibiza, INTI is now in the Netherlands where he was invited by the HRLN project to paint on the streets of Heerlen in Netherlands.Entitiled “Creed”, the Chilean muralist painted this massive artwork which shows one of his recurring Virgins holding an Olive branch and dressed

Video: Calle 13 “MultiViral” With Fintan Magee, Alexis Diaz, Ever…

During the last few months, over a dozen internationally famed street artists, among these INTI, Fintan Magee, Alexis Diaz or Ever have been working hand in hand with Calle 13 to create art in all forms and spaces using the word “MultiViral” as a starting point.Calle 13’s objective is to open new spaces for artists

INTI New Mural – San Antoni, Ibiza

INTI was recently in Spain where he visited the island of Ibiza to paint a new piece for the Bloop Street Art Festival on the island of Ibiza.The Chilean muralist dropped this fantastic piece showing one of his signature characters holding a plate with a knife and bread.Continue reading for more images and then check

Coverage: Inti x Jaz x Saner “Barocco Mestizo” @ Montana Barcelona

Montana Gallery Barcelona recently opened a group exhibition Barroco Mestizo featuring three South American artists, each representing different country – Inti (Chile), Jaz (Argentina), Saner (Mexico) and El Decertor (Peru).For this show each artist created three pieces with an interesting and provocative idea based on the letter of the 16th century. It was a common practice

INTI New Mural – Montreal, Canada

INTI was also invited to paint on the streets of Montreal, Canada for the second edition of the Mural Street Art Festival.The Chilean muralist painted this beautiful piece which is showing one of his signature folkloric characters with the writings “La Sed del Oro Nos Dejara Sin Agua” (“The thirst of gold will leave us