Lonac paints “Xenophora” a new photo realistic mural in Zagreb, Croatia

Only few weeks after finishing his latest mural in Bosnia, Croatian artist Lonac just revealed another photo realistic beauty in his hometown of Zagreb. Organized as a part of Nuit Blanche event, a closing party of Rendez-Vous festival of France, the piece took about one week to be finished.Working on an old, crumbling brick wall building,

Lonac Paints A Large Mural in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Based on one of his ink drawings Lonac recently wrapped up his latest mural in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Taking part in the local Betonfest festival, this was his contribution to their “Lets paint peace” campaign.Titled “Allegory of Peace and War” the image is a clever metaphor of the eternal battle between good and

Lonac paints “Skinny Cap Thief”, his latest mural in Bristol, UK

Lonac recently spent couple of days in Bristol, taking part at their 2015 edition of annual Upfest festival. Escaping the rainy weather he quickly worked his way on the scaffold finishing this beautiful mural just on time.Titled “Skinny Cap Thief” the mural is a clever combination of his impressive hyper realistic skills and love for

Lonac paints a photo realistic mural in Vodnjan, Croatia

Participating in the local Boombarstick festival, Lonac recently wrapped up another fantastic photo realistic mural. Working on it for almost two weeks in the scorching Mediterranean sun, the new piece is titled “White Noise”.Zagreb-based artist spent last couple of weeks working on this beautiful mural in a quaint old town of Vodnjan. Avoiding the strong

Lonac finishes another surrealist mural in Zagreb

Lonac finished yesterday this fresh new piece in his hometown of Zagreb, done for Ohoho festival of underground & DIY comics and street art @ AKC Medika. “Medika Diving” is another great example of Lonac’s great painting skills, creative spirit and intelligent way of approaching his works. While getting to work on an uninviting brick wall,

Lonac paints a new piece in Zagreb, Croatia

Croatian artist Lonac recently took advantage of a sunny dry weather in his hometown of Zagreb to paint another solid mural. Mixing his impressive skills for producing photo realistic work along with surrealist imagery and distinctive imagination, he created another work involving his “gun bird”. The image is showing a colorful and confused humming bird

Lonac unveils “Buzz Off”, a new piece in Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian photorealistic maestro known Lonac is back in business with a brand new piece which he just completed somewhere on the streets of Zagreb in Croatia. The Croatian artist quickly wrapped up this piece which is entitled “Buzz Off”, the text reads “Fuck Off.. I fish to paint something else!!”. Hit the jump for another