“The Mediterranean Tunnel” by MTO in Malta & Italy

MTO just sent us a series of images from a brilliant intervention he just finished working on in Sliema, Malta and Sapri, Italy.Entitled “The Mediterranean Tunnel”, the French artist brought to life some of his hyper-realistic imagery showing a man entering trough the side of a building in Malta and exiting in Italy. The first

MTO paints “We Live On Google Earth”, a new piece in Gaeta for Memorie Urbane

While we last heard from him for Art Basel in Miami, MTO is now back in Europe where he landed in Gaeta, Italy for the latest edition of the excellent Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival. The elusive French artist spent a few days working on a giant 125 m wide piece which mimics the effects

MTO paints “The Death Of The Neighborhood” in Wynwood, Miami

French street artist MTO was also in Wynwood, Miami where he worked on this piece entitled “The Death Of The Neighborhood”. It took a few days for MTO to complete this artwork which represents quite a strong statement over the local gentrification. Wynwood is also referred to as “Little San Juan”, and commonly known as

MTO paints “My Name Is MO” in Lexington, Kentucky

While we last heard from him last September in Ireland, MTO is now in North America where he just finished working on this new piece on the streets of Lexington.In town for the PRHBTN Street Art Festival, the French artist went insanely big with this 23 x 83 meters mural. It took him approximately two weeks

MTO “The Son of Protagoras” new mural in Belfast, Ireland

MTO is currently in Northern Ireland where he was flown over to paint for “Hit The North” in Belfast. After a few days of work, the result is this massive piece which is entitled “The Son Of Protagoras”.Protagoras was a proponent of agnosticism. he wrote: “Concerning the gods, I have no means of knowing whether