Madsteez & Hueman collaborate on a new piece in Long Beach, USA

Our friend Madsteez just finished working on a large new piece in Long Beach where he teamed up with Hueman.In town for the first edition of Pow! Wow! Long Beach, the newly formed duo quickly worked their way through this gigantic and impressive mural which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.Hit the jump

MADSTEEZ brings his magic to the streets of Toowoomba & Sydney in Australia

The one and only MADSTEEZ just returned from Australia where he brought his unique touch to the streets of Toowoomba and Sydney.Geared with a gazillion Montana 94 spray paint, the American artist created two unique pieces which will now be beautifying the land down under. The first piece is huge and was painted for the

Fashion: Big Bad Wolf – Dancing With Big Bad Wolves Collection With MADSTEEZ and Matthew Tapia

There are two sides to every coin. Being big and bad is just one side of the wolf. There is also the side that enjoys dancing and partying till the break of dawn. To celebrate the good times and the coming of spring, our friends at Big Bad Wolf are bringing in new designs that

Madsteez Mural Unveiling @ Los Angeles’ Mondrian – February 26th

While you discovered some exclusive pictures a few days ago, Madsteez is now ready to unveil his newest mural next Saturday in Los Angeles at the Mondrian. Known for his intensely vibrant murals and paintings, our friend Madsteez has created this year’s first Mondrian Mural. Come see the finished product on February 26 as the

Madsteez creates a new mural at the Mondrian in Los Angeles, USA

While we last heard from him in Dallas a few days ago, Madsteez is back in California where he just finished working on this new piece on the streets of Los Angeles. Painted at the Mondrian Hotel, the American muralist brought to life some of his funky signature imagery for the local guests to enjoy.

Madsteez paints a new piece in Barcelona, Spain

Our friend Madsteez is currently in Spain where he was invited by Open Walls and Montana to paint a new piece on the streets of Barcelona.Meet Mark Paul Deren, or, as he’s known in the art world, MadSteez. The 33-year-old artist hails from the Washington, D.C., area but now resides in Costa Mesa, California. As

Madsteez New Mural For Santurce Es Ley 5 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Madsteez was also in Puerto Rico where he was invited to paint for the latest edition of the Santurce Es Ley Street Art Festival.Mark Paul Deren, known as Madsteez once again transformed a blank wall into an acidic voyage of cosmic explosions! Santurce Es Ley’s international line-up was curated by JustKids and produced by c787studios.

INSA x Madsteez Presents The Largest GIF-ITI In The World! – Taipei, Taiwan

British muralist INSA continues creating his signature animated “GIF-ITI” pieces in locations around the world. This time around, he teamed up with Madsteez to work on “The Largest GIF-ITI In The World!”Painting on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan for the excellent POW! WOW! Taiwan street art Festival, the newly formed duo painted the piece over