Natalia Rak unveils a new mural in Ragusa, Italy for FestiWall

Natalia Rak was also in Sicily where she was invited by the good people from FestiWall to create a new mural on the streets of Ragusa. The Polish artist created yet another dreamlike piece showing a young boy fishing high up on a pink moon. With skillful use of color contrast and dimension, she painted this

“Adventure Time” a new mural by Natalia Rak in Providence, Rhode Island

While we last heard from her in New Zealand a few weeks ago, Natalia Rak is currently in Providence, Rhode Island where she just finished working on yet another massive piece.Invited by good lads from the The Avenue Concept, The Polish muralist created a beautiful invitation to dream away entitled “Adventure Time”.  The piece shows a

“Love Is In The Air” a new mural by Natalia Rak in Dunedin, New Zealand

Natalia Rak is currently in New Zealand where she was invited to work on a big building somewhere on the streets of Dunedin.Over the past few months, Dunedin has been slowly building a strong collection of large-scale murals for an impressive line-up of artists.Natalia spent about a week working on this beautiful and cute artwork

Natalia Rak and Bezt collaborate on a new piece in Caserta for Memorie Urbane

While we last seen them in Hawaii last February, Natalia Rak and Bezt from Etam Cru are both in Caserta,  Italy for the summer edition of the always excellent Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival.The Polish street art duo worked on two solo pieces on each side of the building. The result is two signature artworks showing

Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015: Natalia Rak creates a new mural in Honolulu

While you discovered some progress shots a few days ago, Natalia Rak is amongst the first artists to finish her piece for Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015. Painting on the streets of Honolulu, the Polish artist quickly worked her way through this signature piece depicting a beautiful lady and her Bengal tiger. If you are in

Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015: Work in progress by Natalia Rak in Honolulu

Natalia Rak is also in Hawaii for the latest edition of Pow! Wow! which is currently taking place on the streets of the Kaka’Ako district of Honolulu. Hailing from Poland, Natalia Rak is quickly working her way through this already impressive mural which will be featuring some of her signature imagery. Hit the jump for