“Little Moment”, a new piece by NoSego in San Jose, California

Our friend NoSego recently stopped by the lovely city of San Jose in California where he was invited by the good peeps from Empire 7 Studios to work on a new piece.Entitled  “Little Moment”, this beautiful mural is located on the side of Nichi Bei Bussan at 140 Jackson Street in San Jose.  Nosego’s work is

Pow! Wow! ’15: Nosego and Woes collaborate on a new mural in Honolulu

 Nosego and Woes were invited to collaborate on a brand new mural close to the Lana Lane Studios in Kaka’Ako in Honolulu.In town for Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015, the newly formed duo spent about a week working on this epic collaboration which also features some small additions by Sainer from Etam Cru and Caratoes.Continue reading

Curiot and Nosego collaborate on a new mural in Baton-Rouge, Louisiana

Curiot and Nosego are currently in North America where they were invited to paint a new collaboration on the streets of Baton-Rouge in Louisiana for the Museum Of Public Art.The Museum of Public Art is dedicated to creating, promoting, and exhibiting public art. We are using art for community development, cultural awareness and social change

Nosego New Pieces – Portland, Oregon

Nosego recently spent some time in Portland, Oregon where he was invited to paint for the Forest For The Trees project.The prolific Philly-based artist Yis Goodwin, better known as NoseGo, prettied up the neighbourhood with some of his vibrant signature imagery.Hit the jump for more images on these new pieces and check back in with

Nosego New Mural – Seattle, USA

A few days ago, Nosego was in Seattle, USA where he was invited to paint for the Seattle Mural Project.Unrestrained by the limitations of reality, his imagination is given free reign throughout his creative process. Nosego’s works host a wealth of quasi-mythological characters often in varying degrees animal, humanoid and object.Hit the jump for more

Nosego New Mural – Los Angeles, USA

Philly-based artist Yis Goodwin, better known as Nosego recently stopped by Los Angeles where he was invited to paint a new wall by Branded Arts and ThinkSpace Gallery.The prolific muralist quickly worked his way through this signature piece showing one of his hybrid creatures. A piece which is sure to brighten up the day of the