Pejac unveils a new piece in Stavanger, Norway for Nuart ’15

Pejac is part of this year’s line-up for the 15th anniversary of the excellent Nuart Street Art Festival which is currently taking place on the streets of Stavanger in Norway.Always creating unique works, the Spanish artist painted this silhouette of a child playing with a racing cars. The tire tracks are forming the image of

Pejac “Meadow” Limited Edition Screen Print

After 2 sold out releases, Pejac just announced another limited edition release. On Thursday July 23rd at 6PM CET (12PM EST), he will be releasing “Meadow” through his website.The Spanish artist first introduced this image in a form of a large canvas piece in late March this year. The screenprinted version is black and white and

Pejac rounds up his Asian tour with a stop over in Tokyo

After Hong Kong and Seoul, Pejac recently had the final stop of his Asian tour in Tokyo. During couple of days in Japan’s capital, Spanish artist created various works that are all focused on local tradition and culture.Mostly showing appreciation to the culture and people, Pejac had to address the touchy issue of fishing and

Pejac paints a series of new works in Seoul, Korea

Currently touring around East Asia, Spanish artist Pejac recently stopped in Seoul and left couple of recognizable pieces. Working in an environment that is not common on the street art maps, the artist used this opportunity well to create couple of striking signature illusions.“Icarus” is a simple piece that is showing a shot down paper plane,

“Tagger” a new street piece by Pejac in Hong-Kong

Before heading to Tokyo, Japan, Pejac spent a few days in Hong-Kong where he managed to drop this brilliant new piece.Entitled “Tagger” and located on Hollywood Road 97, the Spanish artist used a blow torch to create the heart and then carefully hand-painted the dragon with brushes. The dragon is a known symbol of strength

Pejac paints “New Order”, a new street piece in Santander, Spain

Pejac recently spent some time in his hometown of Santander in Spain and used the opportunity to work on another signature piece at home. New Order is his newest piece showing a brick wall pattern mutating into branches with cherry blossom on them.Once again Spanish artist uses his peculiar skills and imagination to create piece

Pejac creates a series of new pieces in Istanbul, Turkey

Pejac recently stopped by the lovely city of Istanbul in Turkey where he worked on several new pieces.The popular Spanish artist painted three pieces which are entitled “Lock, Poster and Shutters”. Taking advantage of existing elements and textures, Pejac uses brushes, pencils, acrylic paint and sand paper to creates works that blend into their surroundings creating

Pejac paints “Impression (Sunset)” piece in Santander, Spain

Spanish artist Pejac might be one of the hottest names in the urban/street art circles these days, and with every new public piece he proves his reputation. After dropping some very original works in Paris recently, the artist visited his hometown of Santander in North of Spain, and created this exceptional piece. Always including the

Pejac New Street Pieces – Paris, France

Pejac recently spent some time in Paris, France where he worked his way through a couple of new street pieces including the above piece which is entitled “Ants”. With his minimalist but clear style, he painted 2 silhouettes of kids being cruel with magnifying glass on what looks like colony of ants. But, instead of burning