Phlegm creates a new piece in London, UK

Our friend Phlegm is back on the busy streets of South London, UK where he just finished working on a brand new piece in the district of Dulwich.The British street artist created yet another stunning piece of work with this mural based on MC Escher piece “Bond Of Union”. For once Phlegm’s signature characters aren’t

Phlegm’s “The Forest” Project in Epping Forest, UK

From 1st of August through 31st of August, Phlegm will be doing a specific solo project titled “The Forest” around Epping Forest, UK. During this period the artist will produce one single piece each day and leave it in the woodlands for by passers to discover it, or nature to take care of it. The

SeaWalls ’15: Phlegm paints a new mural in Cozumel, Mexico

Phlegm was also part of this year’s line-up for SeaWalls ’15 organized by PangeaSeed which took place on the streets of Cozumel in Mexico.After almost a week of work under the intense Mexican heat, the British street artist finished working on this signature piece showing some of his signature and iconic characters in action. Harvesting nature

Phlegm creates a new street piece in Waltham Forest, London

After Conor Harrington a few days ago, Phlegm is the latest artist to participate in the Wood St Walls project which is taking place in London, UK.Compared to Conor’s mega wall, the British street artist was given a rather small surface to work his magic in Waltham Forest, London. The end result is as usual

Phlegm paints a large building in Berlin, Germany

Phlegm is currently in Berlin, Germany where he was invited by the good lads from Urban Nation to paint for their One Wall Project.In his signature, illustrative style, using minimalist black and white palette, he created this wonderful piece showing a bunch of his iconic characters hard at work accompanied by a bunch of various

Public ’15: Phlegm paints a series of giant silos in Perth, Australia

After two solid weeks of working ten hours a day, our friend Phlegm finally wrapped up his biggest piece to date for the excellent Public festival in Perth, Australia.The British artist painted 152 meters of concrete which are showing several of his signature characters interacting and playing with air balloons and other various incredible machinery.

Phlegm creates a new mural in East London, UK

British street artist Phlegm has returned to London where he has been working over the past few days on a news large scale mural in Shoreditch.The artwork features his signature character in a larger than life dimension trapped inside a house, a nod to Alice in Wonderland, while a TV is flying out the window,