Pixel Pancho paints a new mural in Ragusa, Sicily

While we last heard from him in Las Vegas a few days ago, Pixel Pancho flew straight to lovely sicily for the FestiWall Street Art Festival.Painting on the streets of Ragusa, the Turin-based muralist brought to life some of his magic imagery with this robotic themed image showing a couple of famers and their oranges.

Life Is Beautiful ’15: Work in progress by Pixel Pancho in Las Vegas, Nevada

StreetArtNews is in sunny Las Vegas for the upcoming Life Is Beautiful Festival to cover the Art pillar curated by JustKids.Our buddy, the Italian street artist Pixel Pancho is the first to start his piece in Downtown Las Vegas which should be completed by tomorrow. As usual, Pixel is going big with some of his

Pixel Pancho unveils a new mural in Brooklyn, New York City

Pixel Pancho is now in North America where he just started his US tour in New York City and the trendy district of Brooklyn.After several days of work riding his cherry picker in the sky of Bushwick, the popular Italian street artist created this signature artwork showing a beautiful lady robot wearing a dress made

“The Last Kiss”, a piece by Pixel Pancho in Ravenna, Italy

Pixel Pancho is currently in Ravenna, Italy where he was invited to paint a preview for the upcoming 2015’s edition of the Subsidenze Street Art Festival.The Turin-based muralist created a large-scale mural entitled “The Last Kiss” of which we released a screenprinted edition a few months ago. The piece shows a lovely robotic couple kissing

Pixel Pancho creates a new mural in Arce, Italy for Memorie Urban ’15

Our friend Pixel Pancho recently stopped by the city of Arce in Italy where he was invited to work his magic on the side of a building.In town for Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival 2015, the Italian muralist brought to life this sensual artwork which is mixing, robotics, flowers and the representation of a woman.Continue

Pixel Pancho creates a large new mural in Jersey City, USA

After a beautiful mural in North Africa, Pixel Pancho flew straight to North America where he was invited to paint a large building.Working on the streets of Jersey City, the Italian muralist brought to life this superb artwork which is featuring some of his signature robotic imagery combined with a brownish background pattern and flowers.

Pixel Pancho paints a new mural in Rabat, Morocco

Our buddy the one and only legend of Turin aka Pixel Pancho recently spent some time in Morocco where he got the chance to work his magic on a massive building.Painting on the streets of Rabat for the Rabat Jidar Festival, the Italian artist brought to life some of his signature robotic imagery for the

Pixel Pancho “The Last Kiss” Limited Edition Screen Print – Available March 19th

Pixel Pancho is an italian street artist hailing from the lovely city of Turin. He specialises in large wall murals and he is considered as one of the top artists in his field.Working mostly with an earthy color scheme to convey a more ancient feeling, Pixel creates robotic creatures inspired by different environments and feelings.

Pixel Pancho and Evoca1 collaborate on a new piece in East London, UK

While you discovered his first London piece a few days ago, the unstoppable Pixel Pancho teamed up with Evoca1 to work on a brand new collaboration in East London, UK.After the successful opening of his exhibition at StolenSpace gallery, Pixel Pancho and Evoca1 spent their week-end on the very busy Hanbury Street amongst the hundreds

Coverage: Pixel Pancho ‘Memories Of Our Life’ @ London’s StolenSpace

Pixel Pancho just opened his first exhibition in London entitled ‘Memories of our Life’ at Stolenspace Gallery. Androids made up of metal, screws, and gears, resembling characters from futuristic films or sci-fi novels. With rusty exteriors and mechanism’s exposed, Pancho’s robots are extensions of human bodies and the reflections of mankind trying to be gods

Pixel Pancho paints a new mural in London, UK

Pixel Pancho is back in London where he just finished working this stunning mural organized by Global Street Art and Forest Recycling Project as part of the Colour the Capital project.It only took two days for the artist to complete this wall ahead of his upcoming show ‘Memory of our life’ at London’s Stolenspace Gallery

Pixel Pancho & Pastel collaborate on a new piece in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Pixel Pancho and Pastel are still in Dominican Republic for the first edition of the ArteSano Street Art Festival curated by Evoca1 and Inoperable.Painting on the beach of Rio San Juan, the Italian-Argentinean duo quickly worked on this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style. The mural is entitled “Go Home.Continue reading for more

Art Basel ’14: Pixel Pancho paints a massive mural in Miami, USA

Our friend Pixel Pancho is also in Florida for the upcoming Art Basel Miami 2014 where he was asked to paint a new piece for the Raw Project.The Italian artist quickly worked his magic through this massive piece showing two of his signature vintage robotic characters. If you are in the neighborhood, you’ll be able

Pixel Pancho New Mural For Memorie Urbane – Gaeta, Italy

Our friend Pixel Pancho recently stopped by Gaeta in Italy where he was invited to paint for the excellent Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival. The Italian street artist spent a few days working on this massive piece which is showing some of his signature imagery with the last embrace of this robotic couple. Hit the

Pixel Pancho New Mural – Miami, USA

After New-York City a few days ago and a beautiful collaboration with Case Ma’Claim (covered), Pixel Pancho is now in Miami where he just finished working on this new piece at the Marina Stadium.The Turin-based artist spent a few hours working on this signature robotic piece entitled “Caballito De Mar” (Seahorse).Take a look at more