“Home”, a new mural by REKA in New York City

Our friend REKA is currently in the Big Apple where he just finished working on a brand new piece entitled “Home”. Based on the immigration theme, the piece shows an house, a key lock, two hands holding a heart, and a face encompassing all. If you stop by New York City in the coming weeks,

Reka One creates a new mural in Paris for Le Mur

After Switzerland and Italy our good friend Reka One wrapped up his Euro summer tour 2015 with a new piece in Paris. Putting his name on the list of participants of the legendary Le Mur project, the Australian-born artist recently revealed “Give a Man a Fish”.Usually working on much bigger scale Reka used this “smaller”

Reka reveals a large mural in the Swiss Alps for VAF 15

Our good friend Reka was one of the participants of recently finished Vision Art Festival in Switzerland. Australian-born artist got an opportunity to create his work high in the Swiss Alps, and the finished piece looks impressive in the setting it’s been placed in. Working on a Cry D’ere cable station on 2,000m above sea

REKA creates his largest mural to date in Paris, France

While you discovered some progress shots a few days ago, REKA has now wrapped up his gigantic mural on the streets of Paris in France.Geared with 50 liters of Acrylic paint and 250 cans, the Australian artist brought to life his largest piece to date showing some of his signature half-abstract half-figurative imagery. This piece

Work in Progress by Reka in Paris

If you’re visiting French capital these days, you can check out James Reka working on his biggest mural yet. Painting the facade of a 10 storey building in Paris’ 13th arrondissement, Australian-born artist did an amazing progress in only 3 days on a cherry picker.For this 30 meters high and 10 meters wide wall he got thanks

REKA creates a series of new pieces for Roskilde Festival in Denmark

Our friend REKA just sent us a series of exclusive images from his latest pieces which were just completed in Denmark.Invited for the Roskilde Festival, the Berlin-based muralist brought to life two brand new artworks which are featuring some of his signature colorful imagery. With influences in pop culture, cartoons and illustration, Reka’s style has become

Reka creates a beautiful mural in Milan, Italy

Our friend REKA is currently in lovely Milan where he was in town for his solo exhibition with AvantGarden Gallery.The Australian artist had the opportunity to paint his second mural in Milan where he worked his magic for two days on this building. The result is as usual with Reka a beautiful charming piece, showing

Reka paints a massive mural on the streets of Rome, Italy

Our friend REKA spent the last few days on the lovely streets of Rome in Italy where he brought some of his magic to the district of Tormarancia. Entitled ‘Natura Morta’ (still life), the Australian artist quickly worked his way through this vibrant piece which is featuring some of his signature imagery. Continue reading for more

Reka paints a large new mural in San Francisco, USA

Shortly after Miami and Art Basel, REKA flew straight to San Francisco where he was invited to work on a 200 ft building in the SOMA district of the city.The Berlin-based muralist brought some of his signature colorful characters for the locals to enjoy. Once again with REKA, his fluid lines create a unique hypnotic dynamic

Art Basel ’14: REKA paints a vibrant mural in Miami, USA

Wynwood and the Jose Diego Middle School project has been one of the highlight of this year’s Art Basel in Miami.The Australian street artist James REKA was invited to work his magic on one of the school’s facade to beautify the neighborhood.Spending a few days on his cherry picker, the Berlin-based muralist dropped this beautiful

REKA x Nawer new collaborations in Washington DC, USA

Our friend REKA is still in Washington where he just teamed up with Nawer to work on a series of new collaborations.The concept of this awesome collaboration was 3 insects designed by REKA with Nawer’s work inside his design. The right is completely Nawer’s work moving across to the left which is primarily REKA’s work.

Reka paints a new mural in Washington DC, USA

While we last heard from him in Vienna last month, REKA has now landed in North America where he first stopped by the city of Washington DC.In town with the good lads from Art Whino, the Australian artist spent a few days working on this large-scale piece. As usual with REKA, he brought to life

REKA paints a new street piece in Vienna, Austria

Our friend James REKA just made a quick stop through Austria where he was able to paint a quick piece somewhere on the streets of Vienna.James Reka is a young contemporary Australian artist based in Berlin, Germany. His origins lie in the alleyways and train lines of Melbourne’s inner-suburbs where he spent over a decade

Reka paints a new street art mural in London, UK

While you were discovering his recent solo show @ Stolen Space in London, Reka hit the streets of London and freshened up his old mural @ Whity and Chance in Shoreditch. Matching his style of building works by combining symbols, Berlin-based artist created this sharp piece covering the corner of a large building. With clean

Coverage: Reka “Trip The Light” solo show @ London’s Stolenspace

In a few hours, REKA will be opening his new solo show entitled ‘Trip The Light’ in London at StolenSpace gallery and we had the pleasure to stop by prior to the opening to bring you this review. Trip The Light is the latest solo exhibition by Melbourne-born, Berlin-based artist James Reka. Exploring the splendor