“Entering Babel”, a new piece by Robert Proch in Saint-Gervais, France

The Kill Art Factory street art project recently took place on the streets of Saint-Gervais in France where Robert “Tone” Proch was invited to create a new piece of work.After several days of intense labor, the Polish muralist just wrapped up this fantastic piece which is featuring some of his energy-infused abstract imagery. Mixing realism,

Robert Tone Proch “Dance With Uncle Sam” New Mural – Richmond, USA

Robert Tone Proch is currently in North America where he was invited to paint for the Richmond Mural Project in Virginia.The Polish muralist spent a few days working on this large-scale mural which is entitled “Dance With Uncle Sam”.Proch’s style is inspired by state-of-the-art animation as much as traditional caricature, and impressionism as much as