Vinnie creates a new piece in Eauze, France

Vinnie spent her week-end working on this brand new piece somewhere in the city of Eauze in France.In town for the Street Art Festival Magnac Eauze, the French female artist brought to life one of her signature ladies with big eyes. As usual, she cleverly took advantage of the surrounding vegetation to create this artwork.

Vinnie paints a new street piece for Le Mur in Paris, France

Vinnie is the latest artist to be appointed by the “Le Mur Association” to work on their iconic billboard in Paris, France.Vinnie’s work feature voluptuous women, women of color with afros, full lips, and wide hips. Regardless of ethnicity, her street art surely catches one’s eyes with lovely colors and enticing expressions.Continue reading for more images

Vinnie creates a new street piece in London, UK

Vinnie is back in the United Kingdom where she spent a few hours working on this cute new piece somewhere on the streets of London.The French street artist cleverly used the nearby vegetation to integrate it within the design of one of her signature characters.Hit the jump for more images by Monoprixx and Juliia and