“Race” a new piece by WK Interact in Jersey City, USA

While we last heard from him in New York City last Summer, WK Interact just dropped us a series of super sweet images from his newest street piece which was just completed in Jersey City. Entitled “Race”, the French street artist quickly worked his way through this rather large piece showing two cyclists which were

A new series of pieces by WK Interact in New York City

Busy summer for WK Interact which just finished installing several new pasters around New York City.Borned in Caen, France in 1969, but he’s been based out of New York City for the past 20 years. WK’s technique of shifting images during photocopying creates a distorted vision of the human body in motion; the techniques have

WK Interact New Mural – Paris, France

While we last heard from him last April in Belgium (covered), WK Interact is now in France where he just finished his “D-Day” Tribute Mural in Paris.Showcasing his talents of visual motion for the lucky passerby’s, the French-born & Brooklyn-based artist and his team created a giant piece at the Geode Paris.We’ve got a detailed