Preview: Know Hope “Water Takes the Shape of its Container” @ Paris’ Openspace

Our friend Know Hope is getting ready to open his newest solo exhibition “Water Takes the Shape of its Container” at the Openspace gallery in Paris. The exhibition “Water Takes the Shape of its Container” presents about twenty previously unseen pieces, assemblages of paper, wood and photographs, and an installation.  This installation portrays a collective situation,

Know Hope redesigns Schmalkalden’s former Jewish school in Germany for WallCome Festival

Our friend Know Hope recently stopped by the lovely city of  Schmalkalden in Germany where he was brought over by the WallCome Festival.The Israeli artist was given the opportunity to work on the Schmalkalden’s former Jewish school where he spent a few days creating his magic. The artwork depicts a flock of birds, symbolising the longing to

Know Hope x 2501 New Mural – Vienna, Austria

Know Hope and 2501 are currently in Austria where they just finished working on this new collaboration somewhere on the streets of Vienna.In town for the Cash Cans and Candy event, the Isreali-Italian duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is entitled “It Was Described As an ‘Overcoming'”.The piece, It Was Described As

Know Hope “For The Blues” Limited Edition Hand-Made Zine And Screen Print – Available June 30th

Know Hope recently stopped by Turin, Italy where he spent a few days working with us on “For The Blues”, his new limited edition hand-made screen-printed zine and hand-painted screen-print  for Mission To Art. The zines are entirely hand printed (with many pages hand-pulled by the artist himself) and include serigraphs, original photographs, hand-painted/cut paper and